A Little Accident at the Grocery Store

5:59 PM

Just a reminder to all Parents, when you are going to a grocery store together with your kid/s, be very extra careful with the trolley you are getting. You may not know if it is safe or not.

Early this day, after we dropped my son to school, we had a little detour at the grocery store to pick up something we need. Just a few things. We (my husband and I) decided not to park inside the mall because I just need to get few things. My daughter wasn't supposed to come with me but she insisted. When we're at the grocery store, I picked up a big cart. I always do check on carts. I thought it was safe so my 3-year-old daughter rode the big cart and sit. I picked up the things I needed (we took I guess 10 minutes more or less). We went to the counter to pay. Then after that, just a few step away from the counter, a little accident happened. The front wheel of the cart went off. I don't even notice that it was missing until we tripped and fell off the ground. I was so scared all of a sudden for my daughter. She's in the cart! I tried my very best not to fell off but the cart was too heavy that even me fell off as well on the ground. They offer medical assistant of course. But I just want the parents to be reminded to be very extra careful. Especially to our little one. Because of this incident, I don't think I will let my kids ride that big cart or any big cart or trolley ever again. I was traumatized!

We had x-ray and thank goodness there was no major injury. Just minor. My daughter has a small lump on her forehead but the pedia gave us already medicine so the lump will not get bigger or worst. Now, we are on observation. I hope there is nothing serious going to happen in the past few days or in the future because of this incident.

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