Sam's First Day of School

5:54 PM

He is 3-years-old back then when he entered the School this year. Actually, going 4-years-old. It's his First so Going to school has never been so easy for him.

Separation Anxiety

We are having a hard time for the First Week of School. He cries so loud that it came to the point even his classmate get annoyed at my son. And of course, it really breaks my heart.

We never leave my son by our side unless we have some important things to do.

When the Second Week came, I decided to talk to the Principal. I almost wanted to pull out my Son and find another school where it can be more comfortable for him.

My Son is a kind of kid who never talks to a stranger. And that's good, right? I tried to explain everything to him. His School. His Teacher. His Classmate. He should be kind to Classmate and Teacher. Oh hey, don't get me wrong.  My son is very kind. But if he doesn't know that person, he will shout and cry.

When I talked to the Principal, she explains everything to me. "Ganyan talaga Mommy. May mas malala pa nga jan eh." And she introduced me to a Parent who experienced the same way. And talagang inabot daw sila ng ONE month bago mag adjust ang bata. And I say WOW.

Teachers are very patient to Children. They remain consistent. I remember for the First Week of school, when my son doesn't want to stay inside the classroom, he goes out of the room and he waited for me at the Gate. Teachers tried to stop my son from going out of the classroom but my son will shout and cry again if they do that. I was there but I'm not supposed to show myself to him unless it's time for them to Go Home. His classes last for 2 hours and 30 mins only.

When the 4th week of School came, everything changed. He didn't cry. He volunteered and grabbed his bag and he just goes inside the classroom. My heart was Cheering. I was very happy.

First Birthday Celebration in School

I want him to be more comfortable at School. Celebrating Birthday in School was one of a kind experience for him. I ordered Spaghetti at Jollibee and a Cake from Goldilocks. And of course, Zesto for the drinks. They really did enjoy.

First Performance on Stage

Buwan ng Wika came. Pre-school will perform. I was very excited. Sam was singing and dancing at home. I was very thrilled on what are they going to perform on stage.

And when the day came, I was sooo excited. Actually, I recorded their dance so that our Family can watch it. 

Please watch the video below:

How about you mommy/daddy, did you experience the same way? I'll be happy to hear it from you :)

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