Train to Busan: Movie Review + Lessons Learned

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"Train to Busan is a South Korean Zombie apocalypse thriller film starring Gong Yoo, JungYu-mi and Ma Dong-seok."

I haven't seen movies on big screen in such a long time. I don't even remember when was the last time I watched (mom-nesia here) but what I clearly remember was that my kuya sam was with us back then. So maybe it has something to  do that interest him like about cars or super heroes just alike.

To be honest, I am not into horror films neither zombies but when my newsfeed on facebook was invaded with so many commentary and analytics about the film, I got thrilled and giddy to watch it, not to think if it's scary. A lot they say it was a great movie, one of the best. So, I grabbed my hubby with me and left the kids to my in-laws and so we go on a movie date, if that what it is. lols.

I love Korean drama ever since I was a teenager. I stopped watching it when I got married and totally forgotten about those things because of having different priorities. I love Korean drama maybe because I found the story very unique.

Like everyone's thought of the movie,  when you say the movie was from Korea, surely there will be sort of drama. Filipinos love the drama so they never failed to touch the heart of the Filipinos. I must admit, I thought I will never cry but in the end, the film wins.

Every Character has its own unique personality which I think one of the things I like about this movie. 
Let me share with you some of it.

Gong-Yoo as Soek-woo - a fund manager, a workaholic father who gives his career a much more important than his family especially his daughter giving her two (2) wii, one from children's day and one on her birthday. When the situation begins, thought of his safety and his daughter at first and the end he learns to care for others.

Kim Su-an as Soo-an - a loving daughter of Seok-woo. She has a kind heart and most caring personality at her age but she has a need of attention from his father and wishing to see her Mother in Busan.

Lesson learned #01 Give time to your family no matter what.
The character of soo-an has shown it all. She is a mysterious girl and kind of like an introvert personality (just like me). She was thirsty for her father's attention.

Lesson Learned #02 The best gift you can ever give to your kid was your precious time, not the gadget.
Oh yes. Even though you are a good provider to your kid especially when it comes to a gadget, nothing can beat the time you can give to your child.

Ma Dong-Seok as Sang-Hwa - a loving, protective and OC husband of Sung-Gyeong (Jung Yu-mi) his pregnant wife.

Ahn So-Hee as Jin-Hee and Choi Woo-sik as Young-Gook, they are a member of a baseball team. They like each other a lot. In the end, they are still together.

There was also one character named Yong-Suk who was very selfish that he only cares no one but himself.

And the last character I remember was Choi Gwi-Hwa, a homeless man who keeps on talking about the death of everyone at the very beginning but he has a kind heart that he sacrificed himself for the safety of the kid and the pregnant woman.

Oh, before I forgot. There were these old women, they were sisters. The older one sacrificed herself for the safety of the others while the younger one can't live without her older sister, although there were still people who were not infected beside her, she chose to open the door so that she can be with her older sister and she thinks that those selfish people deserve it.

Overall, I love the movie as it really touched my heart. At the very end, when the kid sang while walking in the last tunnel to Busan, I cried. I thought I will not but I just did :)

Try it yourself. Go grab your besties and watch the movie! It was the best!

I never thought that horror and drama have the best chemistry so far.

What do you think about it? I would love to hear it.

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