Foodcrawl Part 4: Fancy Dessert Snow Panda

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Welcome to the final part of my gastronomical adventure last #SMCenterAngonoFoodcrawl.
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This was our final #foodtrip with my fellow bloggers and local media friends in SM Center Angono.

As we all know, there were so many products from Korea invading our country. From make-up brands to skin care to the gadget to food, and now, their very own Korean dessert "Snow Panda".

I am a fan when it comes to skin care because we all know that Korean skin was very flawless.

How about the Korean Foodie?

First, let's take a peek to their interior design.

Little Cutie Panda and a miniature Soldier upon entering the store with a background music, probably from Kpop (if you were familiar with it.)

Strawberry Bing Su
I'm not a fan of fruities but I love this one. It was so flavourful and as you can see, it has strawberry syrup that adds flavors to this yummy strawberry bing su. Oh, and I like of adding mini marshmallow. I'm sure kids will love it. Very Fancy design. Two Thumbs up!

I guess they served us the Large Size of every Bingsu dessert.

Small 80 pesos to 120 pesos
Medium 130 pesos to 170 pesos
Large 200 pesos to 220 pesos

By the way, Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings. If you can imagine, it was like our version of "halo-halo".

Mango Bing Su
Oh, how my son will definitely love this. He likes Mango a lot.

Blueberry Bing Su
One of my top favorite these days, "Blueberry".

Watermelon Bing Su

Injeolme Toast

Pat Bing Su

Pineapple Bing Su

Calling all chocolate lovers...

Choco Bing Su

They don't just serve yummy fancy dessert...

which I don't taste it 'coz it looks kinda spicy to me. Korean love spicy food, we all know that.


Mandu (Korean Dumplings)

My gastronomical adventure has ended here. It was FUN, after all, discovering yummy and delicious food was amazing. From local to foreign. Maybe my discoveries of food will not end here. There's a lot of amazing restaurants waiting to be discovered and I am soo excited to that.

By the way, I will be back here with my family. I'm sure they will love here.

Visit their FB page here.

Thanks for dropping by!

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