Product Review: Omni White Day Cream

2:46 PM

I've been obsessed with skin care lately. It smoothens my skin and I feel pampered and relaxed when I do so.

They say if you want to have a youthful glowing skin by the time of the 40s, we should have done it as early as 20s. One of the reasons why our skin doesn't have such a youthful or glowy at all was because of the pollution that surrounds us or the stressful days that we are facing

I love moisturizing my skin. I usually use Cetaphil Lotion on my face and Jergens Lotion on my body. I have found my another favorite moisturizer on my face.
The Omni White (OMW) Day Cream.

When I first tried it on my face I was so amazed. It really gives me smooth skin and I feel moisturized as well. Parang Cetaphil lang din. The only difference was it has whitening ingredients that brighten the skin complexion (another thing that I noticed when I first tried this). It also hydrates the skin (which is what I really like) It also says that it decrease the depth of wrinkles (which we all do need). 

The consistency of the product was very creamy which I really really like as well.

I consider this as one of my favorite skin care product. To thumbs for this!

SRP: Php 988

You may get this product here.
Contact Number: 09985352918

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