What Gadgets can really do to your kids

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I want to share a story. This may take a little longer so grab your popcorn before you continue to read this :)

Last April, I decided to send my daughter to School for the school year 2016 - 2017. In my mind, since she's 3-year-old already I thought she was ready.

So in the Month of May, I enrolled her together with Kuya. I bought Uniforms and Books. They are almost ready for school.

First Day
The first day of school came. Just like last year, my son was crying and he doesn't want me to get out of his classroom. I brought my sister Angelica with me because I cannot manage the two of them (both were adjusting for a new school) I am sure of it that there will be some drama. If only I could split myself in two. I am no wonder woman. Lols. Just to watch over them if they are well behaved. Me for my son and my sister for my daughter Mady.

Mady doesn't cry at all. I wasn't surprised at all. She was a very active kid. She was mesmerized by those Alphabets that stick onto the wall and a lot of pictures that surely every kid will attract to it. So my sister left her inside the classroom without even noticing her leaving.

Her own little world
After a few days, my son now feels more comfortable in his classroom and with his classmates and teacher than ever before. Mady has a different story. She was too comfortable in her classroom but she has her own little world. She just wants to play and play in the corner of the classroom even though the teacher told her to sit down for a while. She wasn't listening. Mady loves Book. If she sees it first upon entering the classroom, she will sit with the book on her hand and pretend reading the whole hours of class. Her teacher tried so many times to communicate with my little girl and Mady wasn't responding even though I know that she heard her Teacher. I really can't figure it out why. This makes me worried.

This scenario had me a lot of questions in my head.
Doesn't she want to be surrounded with other people?
Does she really like her Teacher or not?
Doesn't she like to go to school and be surrounded by other kids to play with?
 Is she really ready for school?
I know. I know. Mady knows just a few words. But at least when it comes to me as her Mother, she is communicating with me She is eye contacting me. When I call her name, she at least is responding. Unlike to her Teacher, no responds at all. I was hell worried!

Exam Day
Exam came. I know the exam days for preschool was just to identify their weakness and excellence. I talked to her Teacher. As I was expecting, my daughter does not participate. She never answered any questions from Teacher. In fact, she even had Tantrums. My bad because I did not give her milk before she goes to a school that time. My little girl wasn't in the mood when she was hungry. The 2nd day of examination came. I made sure that she was full enough and in the mood to participate in the exam. But she wasn't.

The Exam Paper sent home. I know Mady knows some of it but she doesn't participate or even responding to her Teacher at all. That is when I decided to pull him out of the school.

I am a housewife. I don't have a helper. I live with my Parents. In this house, it was so complicated. We have a family business. Me and my husband working to my Father. I have a business of my own. I manage it by myself, just a food cart and selling some products. My husband does the marketing stuff to look for buyers. That's why we are very busy.

I know this is not an excuse for me to ignore my kids whenever they needed me. I have guilt to that. But somehow, after this experience and realization, I promised myself that I will give the best of my effort and time to my children. They needed me more than I know it.

I stopped them from watching Nursery Rhymes, the first step I can do for now.

What I am realizing right now with my little girl is a wake-up call. I have to prioritize my kids first. I have to give them special attention. I have to focus on their development.

I stopped worrying too much for our Future. The more I am worried, the stressful it gave me and the more I am forgetting about the development of my children. And because of this Problem, I noticed that we are forgetting something. Someone is sacrificing without knowing it. What the heck was going on with me?

So when I decided to pull her out, I made my mind that I had to focus on my little girl. I am homeschooling her.  I will be her Teacher since she was listening to no one but me.

I shared my story because I want every parent to know that don't let your children be obsessed with Gadgets or even on watching videos. They must be out in the sun and play with other kids. Listen to your children as what they are trying to say. They know better of their feelings than you are. Communicate with them as often as you could.

Children are gifts from God. We must take good care of them. Love them as who or what they are.

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