My New Eyewear from EO Executive Optical

8:54 PM

I just recently bought my NEW Eyewear from EO Executive Optical.

(Goodbye to my old reading glasses.)

Unfortunately, my old reading glass gets broke. Our Little doggie in the house climb onto my Table and.. viola!.. all my files and everything went to the floor together with my eye glasses. Sad. Well, actually, I was planning to buy a new one. On the other side, thanks to the doggie ^_^

My last visit here was the year 2012. They still had my records.

It was really a good timing because they are on S-A-L-E! Well, actually, I wasn't planning to buy it earlier until I saw it. Not to mention up to 50% off. So, I visited right away. Sayang naman eh diba? I'm glad I bought it.

What's inside?

I don't know what this thing called but I was so amazed at these tools. ^_^
The lady said that for adjustment purposes only. But if you didn't know how to use it, they also have free service.

That's it. These are the inclusions when you bought an Eyewear in EO Executive Optical. I am happy with it. I didn't receive any item like this before when I got my first Reading Glass from EO.

Love lots!

EO Executive Optical - SM City Taytay

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