My mini Make Up Haul

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In this Blog, I'll be talking about my mini #MakeupHaul

I am not a makeup Enthusiast nor dreamt myself to become a Make-Up Artist or professional. The truth is, I just woke up one day and saw myself in the mirror like a stubborn lazy mom, uhm not literally lazy because I do the household chores and take care of the kids, but a lazy mom who never tries to fix herself and become blooming or glowing all of a sudden regardless of what struggles she is facing right now.

Yes, I am having a mood swing right now. I easily get annoyed with someone. I don't usually talk all of a sudden. So, despite being angry on anything, I realize, why not try to improve myself? So I am starting to buy my Make Up Haul. Actually, I even started out being active on my Youtube Channel, please check it out here. :)

Anyways, moving forward on my Mini makeup Haul.

Lately, I've been watching vlogs or reviews about makeup on Youtube.

What I discovered, they all started out putting a Primer. Yes, they say primer is very important. To make your makeup last longer they say. And the most affordable primer I've searched so far was the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. 299 pesos

A cute packaging it is :)
It claims that it will give you Poreless smooth skin, it is Lightweight and Breathable.

When I opened it and tried at the back of my hand, it is Translucent pala.

When I tried it on my face, yes - it is lightweight and breathable and smooth skin - but the claim of bye bye pores, I really don't know because it was translucent. But anyways, I don't know maybe it can change if you apply a foundation, it becomes really poreless smooth skin.

Next was the Lippie from Ever Bilena.

As a beginner, I prefer to buy local products muna before the high-end products because I am still learning from this and I am sooo excited to learn because this can be another milestone for me.

I usually wear only light color or lippie that matches my lip color. Actually, I am super scared of the super RED color. But, on the other hand, I want some change. Change is coming ika nga lols. So I bought a RED Lippie color from Ever Bilena.

Shade: Love that RED
When I tried it on my lips, it wasn't that super red pala.  I guess that means when I am looking for a Lipstick, I was still scared of Dark colors for my Lips because I still bought this color that nearly matches my lip color. Haha! But I guess, I can go back and buy na talaga. This cost for only 165 pesos. It is a Matte Lipstick from Ever Bilena.

Next is the Eyebrow Pencil. For my entire life, I don't have any eyebrow pencil. And you probably asking me, are you really a girl? As I've said earlier, I am really not into makeup. I just woke up and realize that I was a girl and as a girl, it is my duty and responsibility to know all of this!

I bought a light color for my eyebrow. Easily blend and well pigmented from Ever Bilena again, 65 pesos only. Of course, when looking for an eyebrow pencil I should pick a color that matches or nearly matches my hair color. I am still scared to try the waterproof what-so-ever for my eyebrow for long lasting. I still don't know how to shape my Eyebrow so I think this pencil will do and as they always say, Practice makes Perfect.

Another for my Eyebrows, the Eyebrow Gel from EB advance.

Medyo sabog ung kilay ko so I bought an Eyebrow gel to easily manage the hair of my eyebrow.

At first, I was so scared to try this because of the applicator and the so much product in the applicator. When I applied it on my Eyebrow, I got scared because there was too much product in my eyebrow. The question was how am I going to remove the excess product on my eyebrow without messing it out? So I got this idea by using the brush on my eyebrow pencil and brush it on my eyebrow and it easily removed the excess product and wipe it on the tissue. Wow! Where did I get that idea? By watching Youtube videos. :)

What to buy next.

I am loving to try the Revlon 24hr Foundation. It is kinda pricey but I am excited to try them out. I've read so many good reviews about it. 

What I also want to invest with was the Make Up Brushes.

Oh my gosh! I Guess I've got to prepare my pocket for this. lols.

But anyways, thanks for dropping by!
Good Luck on my Make Up Journey!

P.S. If you have any suggestions or any advice for a newbie like me, please don't hesitate to comment down below. Thanks!

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