BDJ Passion Series: Flaunt That Glow!

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Hey everyone!

I've been invited to BDJ Passion Series: Flaunt That Glow

It's my first time to attend this kind of event. It's quite different from the last event that I attended, BDJ's Women Helping Women. This Event Flaunt that Glow was Exclusive. I am one lucky Bella who received an invite from the BDJ Team. Yey!

How did I get an invite from BDJ?
To receive an invite, Bellas have to do the following:
Option 1. Share a photo of yourself and give three (3) tips on how to get glowing skin
Option 2. In a photo collage, share the natural skin care routine and caption why you want to be part of the workshop.
Option 3. Share the event photo and caption why it is important for every Bella to have a Glowing Skin.

So, I go with Option 1. Shared my photo on Instagram. (see photo below)

Of all the, I think, 150 entries, I got invited! Yey! Lucky me! Lols.

The Event BDJ Passion Series: Flaunt That Glow happened last May 28, 2016 (Saturday) at The Blackboard by Chef Michel, The Podium Mall.

The Event started at 1 pm. It was so nice to finally meet my co-Bellas!

They started out with a Game. It was called Pass the Message. Nakakatuwa lang 'coz the message was like a tongue twister. lols :)

To give Introduction, Ms. KC, Jergens Brand Manager.

She discussed the New Breakthrough Technology, Hydralucence.

What is Hydralucence Blend?

It is a unique Jergens Technology that forms a continuous by layer of moisture on skin upon application.

So, kaya pla I feel moisturized the whole day after applying Jergens :)

It is very important for us to truly take care of our skin. It makes us feel younger and radiant. Gives us the confidence to wear fashionable clothing that shows skin. 

1st Speaker, Ms. Donna Cuna - Pita, Cosmopolitan Philippines Fashion Director.
Skin and Style

What is your Body type?

Are you a Pear? - Thin Upper Body, Full Hips, and Thighs.
If so, Assets are Trim Waist and Curvy Hips.

Are you an Apple? - Full Breasts and Stomach, Slim Legs and Hips
If so, Assets are Shapely Legs and Full Breasts

Are you a Ruler? - Not much Curve or Athletic Frame
If so, Assets are Trim Legs and Slim Arms

Are you a Full-Figured? - Chubby to Plus Size
If so, Assets are Curvy Hips and Full Breasts

Are you Hourglass? - Proportional bust waist and hips
If so, Assets are proportional and curve frame

What's your skin tone? I find myself as Warm Skin Tone. Actually, Ms. Donna said most of the Asians has Warm Skin Tone. It is very sensitive 'coz insect bite lang, the skin where the insect bite is will turn dark or nangingitim. Because of the Trauma. Unlike sa Cool Skin Tone, it will turn Pink. So unfair noh? lols. But anyways, she advised applying whitening product sa mga dark areas.

She also said that Cool and Warm Skin Tone can wear any color.

The true secret to looking good is by taking care of yourself and having the confidence to flaunt and celebrate what is uniquely beautiful about yourself.

"It's not about Perfection, it's about Appreciation"

"I am ready to Flaunt That Glow with BDJ and Jergens!"

Wearin' my high heels in this event. lols :) 

with Ms. Donna.

I really don't know much about fashion but I was flattered when Ms. Donna noticed my Top! OMG! Haha! Thank you so much, Ms. Donna. Cute daw ng top ko :) pwede din pang off shoulder.

Loot bags for the Bellas. 

Our Snack! So yummy!

Next Speaker, Ms. Marj  Ramos, Celebrity Stylist.

The Art of Instagram

Honestly, I don't take Instagram so seriously. Konting Bright, Contrast then Post! Hahaha! But I learned a lot from this topic make me more interested in the details when you take a photo and when you edit it. Time to Level up! :)

Of course, Lighting is Everything! The Best Light of all is the Natural Light during the Day.

Here are other tips that she mentioned:
Pay attention to details.
Less is something more.
Balance is Key.

Should you or should you not edit the photo?
Actually, basta na lang ako mag edit ng photos. Haha! I more focused on Bright and Contrast. Minsan too much Bright na hindi ko pa napapansin.

A note to Ponder on: "Enhancing" is different from "Manipulating"

She also discussed How to take product shot?

First, choose a theme.
Second, pick a background.
Third, Natural Light works best. (As I said earlier ^_^)
Fourth. Keep the colors in harmony.
Fifth, Mind the proportion.
Sixth, Think outside the box. (she showed to us the photo of puro makeup products then suddenly there's a banana in it. Like, what is banana doing in there? that's  what she meant anyway ^_^)
Seventh, Don't feel the need to cram the entire photo with objects

How to take Better OOTDs?

Pose from head to toe
Mind your angle
Go for a cool background
Or, it can be a solid backdrop
Again, good lighting never fails
You don't always have to look at the camera (like candid shot)
But if you decide to, don't forget to smile :)
Find the Perfect Lighting
Step up your beauty game
Know your best angle and work it!
Smile for the Camera
Pay attention to proper skin care
Be confident

So much to know about better ootds huh? About the better angle, I still don't find my better angle. I think I should work for it. lols :)

After the talk about the Art of Instagram, we had a contest, The Flat Lay Contest!

Learning about Flat lay.

Everyone was busy taking a photo of Jergens.

For me, I can't think of anything until I took off my shoes for the sake of Flat lay. Hahaha! 

But, I ended up with this photo (See below) 

Jergens with my Camera and a pen. I know I know. It's too simple. Haha! But like what she said, Less is something more. :) Simplicity works best! Unfortunately, I didn't win. But that's fine. At least I tried ^_^

Here's what a got home, Jergens Lotions! Yey! Thank you BDJ and Jergens!

Best Jergens Skin Care Regimen
Moisturize Immediately after a warm shower. When the skin is damp, the moisturizer can seal in the moisture.
Keep those legs silky smooth and well moisturized. Apply Jergens to your legs and massage in until the cream is absorbed into your skin.
Don't forget Arms and Precious Hands. Hands have very few oil glands, they become dried chapped quite easily.
Bed Time Application. The Best time to moisturize is skin is at night. It's the time that your skin renews its cells making your skin more receptive to the benefits of your moisturizer.

Jergens available at any department store nationwide!

You can also order online! >>

Don't forget to like BDJ on Facebook and Follow on Instagram to know their upcoming event! BDJ Beauty Bootcamp is coming this June 26, 2016 (Sunday)

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Follow Ms. Donna on Instagram, donnacpita!
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Thanks for dropping by!

You may comment down below if you have any questions/suggestions.

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  1. Hi Sis. I love your shirt too (sexy and chic). Looks like a fun and educational filled event.

    1. Thank you sis ^_^ hope to see you soon again!

  2. You're lucky to have met Donna Cuna-Pita. She's one of my make-up and fashion inspiration years ago. :)

  3. Looks like a fun event! ;) It would have been nice to attend such event, I am a sucker for make-up and skin care and I think this is perfect. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  4. I should get a BDJ planner na talaga. hahaha! You lades seem to have so many cool events. :) I used jergens back in Oman when it's winter time. Sobrang nice sa skin. I have problems with lotion kasi some makes me feel just sticky overall.

  5. I love your purple shoes! Hahaha. I stopped using lotion these days because of the weather. But since we're entering the rainy days, this is a good must have.

  6. You've surely learned a lot and took home a lot from this event! It's been a while since I last used Jergens lotion. I want to try the Daily Moisture variant next time.

  7. I'm also new to IG. But I like taking photos and I plan to attend a photography workshop in the future.

  8. Such an informative event! I would love to attend one in the future too! Ms. Donna is so tall, cool!

  9. Such a fun and informative event! Great tips on taking photos too!

  10. Looks like a fun and informative event. And meeting your co-bellas surely brings new acquaintances and friends. And yup, I also like your top. ihihi.

  11. Congrats! BDJ events are always fun.

  12. Seems like a fun event! Ang fami mo ring takeaways from this ha. Nice! ☺

  13. Thanks for sharing some tips on taking photos, I learned a thing or two :)


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