BDJ Women's Summit 2016: A Women with Vision

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As you all noticed on my previous posts, I was always on the look-out on event something like this, #WomenHelpingWomen, #WomenEntrepreneur. As you all know, I previously joined the WINGS Philippines (Women International Network Giving Support) that launched last January. I volunteered as an Ambassador of Rizal. And now, I joined BDJ Women's Summit: Women Helping Women happened last April 16, 2016.

I've been using Belle De Jour Power Planner since 2012. I loved the Planner as it is full of Inspirational to motivate the Bellas (that's what they called to all the BDJ's) and I found it very useful based on my lifestyle.

On their 10th Year of Women Empowerment, they gathered all the Bellas on Celebrating of BDJ Women's Summit with a tagline of Women Helping Women held at SM Aura Samsung Hall.

This event was full of empowering words from the Guest Speakers. I will share to you the most empowering words that stuck in my head until I get home ^_^ But for now, let me share to you what was on the event.

G-Stuff - 100% Committed to Giving and Health
TEJO Threads
DAWN (Development Action Network on Women)
The Spark Project
Manulife - Lots of Fun Activities happened here.

I didn't expect a lot of bellas to be in this event! Well.. I wasn't supposed to be surprised. They're all excited to see our host! Can you Guess who? Wait 'til you see ^_^

Tagging along my Sisters (L-R Angel, Shi and Me)

They had PLEDGE wall for Bellas to sign up!

Now, I will reveal to you our Host.. Tadaa!

ang sikat na News Reporter of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs shows
Mr. Atom Araullo

Lucky Bellas to receive raffle prizes from partners such as Sharpie, etc..

Welcome Remarks from
Ms. Darlyn Sandra Ty
Owner, President and Managing Director

She tells her story on how she started Viviamo Team (BDJ Planner).

Our Keynote Speaker: Women Helping Women
Ms. Amina Rasul-Bernardo
President, Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy - International Women's Advocate

One thing I had learned from her..
"War can never be the answer. Killing terrorists does not kill terrorism."

Boosting Curiosity and Intellectual Discourse

Ms. Ana Santos
Journalist and Women Empowerment Advocate

She discussed about Sex and Sensibilities. She started out her Journalism career as a sex columnist. I was amazed on how she explained about this topic very clearly and simple.

"But I will never be silenced.. Having a Dream of yourself is the best form of Contraception.."

Q & A from Bellas to the Guest Speakers, Ms. Ana Santos & Ms. Issa Hontiveros-Baraquel

"No one can bring you down without your permission" - Ms. Issa Hontiveros

"Being Alone is Different from being ON your own" - Ms. Ana Santos

Guess who I met? My former officemate! It was so nice to know that a lot of people really wanted to help and give something back in our Society. Even in our small little ways, by Empowering, be Empowered and to Empower everyone!

Working Towards Financial Freedom

Ms. Hazel Urminita
World Vision Philippines

I loved how she addressed "Advocacy is giving voice to the most vulnerable children."

Ms. Salve Duplito
TV Anchor and writer, ABS-CBN News Channel

She asked, "Are you a financial bipolar?". She explained what does it mean.

"People buy so many things with money. They don't have to impress people they don't even like."

"A dream is only a dream until you act."

Q & A for Ms. Myrna Padilla & Ms. Salve Duplito

Another unexpected. one of the WINGS Ph Guest from Women Business and Connection Expo happened this April as well.


I was so inspired by Ms. Myrza Sison, Editorial Director, Summit Media. (see photo below)

"It takes STRENGTH, COURAGE and WISDOM to build LEGACY."

She is the Editorial-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Philippines, the largest selling young women's magazine in the country .

Know Thyself.
"Can I change this?"
If YES, you go to COURAGE and then CHANGE
If NO, you go to SERENITY and then ACCEPT
If DIDN'T KNOW, you go to WISDOM and then you go back to the question "Can I Chang this?"

"The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you"

Rep. Leni Robredo

Ms. Josephine M. Robredo-Bundoc, sister-in-law of Rep. Leni Robredo, as a representative.

"Let us never forget that authentic power is SERVICE."


Ms. Susan Afan
Managing Director, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc.

Ms. Jen Santos
General Manager, G-Stuff

She gets emotional on the stage as she missed her mom so much.

"Passion for Service"
Entrepreneurial, Hard work, Capacity to Dream..

We didn't won raffle prizes from this event but we are still one happy bella. Aside from the Empowering Words from the Guest Speakers, here's what we got from this event.

BDJ Pouch Bag..

Here's what was inside the BDJ pouch bag..

GC from Flawless worth 500 pesos
Serenitea Diary
Markers from Sharpie
Washi tape
Leaftea from Coffee Bean
Jergens Age-defying lotion sachet
Quest Journal
Lipault Paris Eco Bag.

And also a Certificate from Viviamo Team.

I am so glad to be part of this event. I must say that I have learned a lot. I was inspired by hearing their successful stories and very inspiring words. I will surely share what I have learned from this event.

UP Manila Varsity Dancers Performed after Lunch Break at BDJ Women's Summit 2016

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