Mady's 3rd Birthday Celebration Part 2

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Welcome to my Blog!
Part 2 Celebration of my Daughter's Birthday..
(See here for Part 1)

My Simple way of Celebrating my daughter's birthday, just at home with our Family. It was chaotic kind of night. Yes! You read it right! We celebrate it at night. My kuya sam was soo hyper that my family kept on asking me "Ano pinakain mo kay sam?" lols.
Hindi kasi sila sanay to see my son na sobrang maligalig

The Funny thing is my kuya sam insisted that it's his birthday too! Not only him, he says that it's Mommy's Birthday as well lols. His Birthday in July and my birthday will be next month na! Turning 29!

Premium Cakes from Goldilocks
Luscious Caramel
We invited some animal friends for the Party! (see photo below)
(L-R Lion, Cow, Pig, Duck, Chix, Froggie)

I loved this Caramelized Cake from Goldilocks. It was so yummy and hndi nakakasawa. It has Mocha flavors inside.
For the Toppers, it cost 95 pesos. There were different kind of it to choose from.  I choose the animal topper because my kids were familiar with it and I know my daughter would love it.

Sam together with Nanay (My Mother)

Singing a Happy Birthday Song for my little girl.
She was so happy every time we sang her a Happy Birthday song.

Her all time favorite.. PIZZA!

Sometimes, I feel like crying. Gosh! They are growing up so fast!
It seems like yesterday when they were just a baby. I feel so happy and blessed.
No words can express how happy and thankful I am to have them in my life!!

I remember those days when they start to crawl, to stand up, to walk, to run, to play independently. Even saw them stumble and hurt but we taught them to be strong. Reminiscing those days of Motherhood Journey even though there were struggles,
I feel so alive and blessed. What a wonderful experience!

To have a kid is not a joke, I swear. There were tantrums to deal with. At times, you need to make a deal with them in order for them to do what you want them to do and to make them behave. It test your patience, how long will your patience last. I must say that before I became a Mother, my patience were very long na. Kasi I'm the eldest among four (4). My Parents thought me to be patient as always. And when I became a Mother, I realized, I need to be patient a little more. And then suddenly, I realized how it changed my life! That I became another Person. Not a bad one lols but a grown-up, a more positive, independent and strong person. I am happy for who I am today. And all because of these two beautiful creatures that God gave me.

So, enough of the Drama! Lols!

What I wish for my Daughter:
Good Health as always.
Mommy will always be here to guide you and protect you.
I love you so much anak!

You may watch our simple celebration in my youtube vlog.

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