McDonalds Kiddie Crew Workshop Experience 2016

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We joined at Kiddie Crew Mcdo (Pa-para-pa-pa love ko 'to..) last week from April 11-15, 2016.

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It's summer! The best time to equip our kids with new skills. But before that, we had to build their socialization skills. Do you agree Mommys? My son, Sam, was a very shy kid. He doesn't want to talk much to other kids. But, at home, he is so madaldal (talkative)! I remember, his teacher told me that my son was not talking much with his classmate. I just told to the teacher that sam was an observant. That's true! Kasi everytime he gets home, todo kwento siya about sa school!

I realized, to develop his socialization, I must jumpstart to the Kiddie Crew Workshop from McDonalds.

We had a great time, very fun and memorable experience for us!

What they Experienced
To be in Front of the Counter & Lobby
Burger Making
Showcasing their Talent

They also sing and dance!
Kiddie crew theme song "Make it Happen"
and "Do the Ronald Dance"

Hmmm.. How many times should I say this? Time flies so fast, doesn't it? When I watched my son dancing, singing, burger making, something struck me! I realized that he is already getting bigger.

We had our vlog! Link will be posted below..
Kiddie Crew Workshop Day 1

Kiddie Crew Workshop Day 2

Kiddie Crew Workshop Day 3

Kiddie Crew Workshop Day 4

Kiddie Crew Workshop Day 5

Registration Fee was 650 pesos. Not bad 'coz it includes T-shirt, Bag, cap, ID with lace, Chef's Hat, Apron, workshop materials, meals for 5 days and certificate)

There is morning shift and afternoon shift.

On their 5th day, there was a Recognition Day.

Thanks for dropping by!

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