My 29th Birthday + A Gift from Daddy

10:36 PM

Hey hey hey!

So today is my Birthday! Yehey! And I'd like to have my quick post before this very day end.

As planned, we celebrated my Birthday at Yakimix! Yehey! Just for the four(4) of us though. So at home, I treated them Pizza from Papa John's last night.

Yes, that's my age! I am now officially 29-year-old. A year closer into getting 30!

If you're truly a reader of this blog, you probably know that we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary here at Yakimix as well. (Please see here for details)

Now that I am 29, I started writing my Goals to my Quest Journal Notebook that I got from BDJ's Women Summit last month. I actually writing my Goals ever since naman but through Excel type (as in sa Computer). Honestly, it didn't work. Some of my Goals, I truly forget and some remain undone. I hope by writing my Goals to my Quest Journal Notebook will work. Let's just hope and pray. Lols.

Anyways, moving forward to my birthday details!!

Yakimix, the most affordable Eat-all-you-can Restaurant, never disappoint me. Really. If you had read already my review last time about this Restaurant, it would be the same. I love how accommodating the people are. The cleanliness of the place. The Food, I didn't manage to taste them all kasi hindi kakayanin ng powers ko but I know they are all delicious. Most of what we ate was Sushi. Yeah! We had like Sushi Party in our Table! Lols.

You may consider this post #foodporn as I will be posting a lot of Food here.

Spotted some sweets. This is such a paradise.

Funny thing is, my daughter was not into sweets. Really! I gave her marshmallow and she spill it out! And her face was funny. Haha! Maybe because of hindi ko siya nasanay sa sweets. The question is "Is it Good or Bad?" Because, as I know, usually kids do love sweets right?

Halo-Halo Garden

Fresh meat ready to be grilled!

And of course, we also get Fresh Veggies.

So my son didn't inform me na wacky pla :) while the other one was too busy with my cell phone.


Last Saturday, we bought a PS4 and Daddy considered it as a Gift for me. Matagal ko na gusto bumili ng PS4 but not for myself, for my kids for them to have some Fun and of course for some Family Bonding na din. What I want from PS4 is JUST DANCE. We had a Dance Party at home last Monday while everyone was busy in Halalan 2016.

We have a video!

We  can now have a Dance Party at home Everyday! How fun is that, huh?

We had so much fun!

Now that I am literally writing up my Goals to my Quest Journal, I hope it will work and everything will be done the soonest ^_^

Thanks for dropping by!

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