Before I reach 30

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Age is just a Number :) But we all have a dream, right? A dream that we all wanted to accomplish. To make that happen, we have to work for it. So I jot it down what I wanted to accomplish Before I reach 30 :)

But anyways, I just want to clarify. Since less than 9 months na lang before I turn to my 30s, this list that I'll be making was no pressure, no rush, kung ano lang ang kaya iaccomplish, I'll be happy for it :)

Let me share with you my Goals before I reach 30:

1. Learn to BAKE.
Baking is my passion. I love baking. Whenever I bake a delicious cupcake, it gives me relief from stress and anxiety. So, in this goal, I must say, it is 50% accomplished because I do know only the basic :)

2. Learn how to drive.
I did go to driving school after college and also last year. But I don't have practice again so I must say that I know how to drive but only 30% of this time :)

3. Own a Car.
To master the driving, I have to own a car. Kahit hindi Brand New, okay lang saken' :) who would like to sponsor? Lols.

4. Own a Condominium.
Lols. I don't know if this will be accomplished in due time. Hehe. But it's not bad to dream right? And it's for FREE - what I mean was Libre lang mangarap :) So, why not use it?

5. Own a House and Lot.
Another dream is yet to come. Yes, we are moving soon! But not in my dream house yet.

6. Start my own Blog. (100% complete)
But I have to be determined, at least I have to blog once a week or even twice a week, please? (Talking to myself. Hehe.)

7. Tagaytay with my Own Family.
Hoping before Christmas :)

8. Try the Trampoline.
Easy to accomplish. Anytime can be done! Yes, I am planning and tagging along with my sistah!

9. Start my own Business.
Hoping for my very own business soon. But I have a running business already. I consider it as a stepping stone for my dream business :)

10. Retire by the age of 40 or earlier =P
This is crazy, I know that. But why not diba? ^_^

11. Start a mutual fund investment.
I have to. Very soon. It was my top priority. Just a stable income or higher and I can achieve this for my Family. Yahoo!

12. Invest in Philippine Stocks.
Yeah! Soon enough.

13. Give myself a life insurance.
Another Top Priority. How can I retire by the age of 40 if I don't invest on this now? Lols.

14. Make my own interior design for our home.

15. Attend a Business-related seminar.
Although I am into a business already, I still need this to learn a lot more. But anyways, the experience was still the BEST teacher.

16. Staycation with the Family.
On the process.

17. See a festival of Hot Air Balloon.
Hoping for next year.

18. Learn to swim.

19. Learn makeup artistry.
On the process.

20. Learn Photography.
On the process.

21. Own a DSLR.
On the process.

22. Start making YOUTUBE videos.
on the process.
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Lastly, I almost forgot.

23. Learn to COOK.
Yes, puro prito pa lang ang alam ko guys. But please don't judge me on this, lols :) This is on process na din.

That's it for my list. I'll post again regarding on this when I turn 30 and let's see what accomplishment I made so far.

How about you? What priorities or goals do you have in mind that you wanted to share?

Good vibes ahead!

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