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Hello everyone.

Hello December.

Oh, hello there Christmas.

First day of December, it was my son's Field Trip. We went to Zoocobia, Picnic Ground and Dinosaur Island. All in Clark, Pampanga.

Of course, my son got giddy excited on that day. I think he started the countdown 1 week before the Field Trip. He is more excited to ride a bus. But of course, he knows our destination. He knows that we'll get to see the farm animals and the Dinosaur.

As you've seen in the pictures above, he experienced a lot of things like the first thing we did was feeding a Bird, giving grass to other farm animals like goat, a pony, etc. He also rode a horse. At first, he was afraid. I know he was a brave kid but sometimes there's the anxiety that would not fade that easily. Anxiety of separation. I want to practice him to be independent as early as now so that he can think a bit independently. What we experienced in this place really makes me proud of him and makes me a bit emotional. can't believe he is getting older. I should take these chances to hug and kiss him 'coz I know when he gets old, he doesn't want me to do those things to him anymore and he would say, "Mommy, I'm not a baby any more." *teary eyes*

In the Dinosaurs Island, he was so excited to see lots of life-sized robotic Dinosaurs. I called it robotic coz they are moving. That was great though. We also watched a dancing dinosaurs. I don't know if he got scared but the other kids got scared of the Dancing Dinosaurs. Anyway, to see the Dancing Dinosaurs, Please watch the video below.

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