Sam's Education Tour 2018

1:20 PM

One of the most exciting things to happened was our Educational Tour.

It's been a month since we had our Educational Tour.
My son was very excited that he even counted the days before his first educational tour as an Elementary Student.

Our first activity was to watch the Rapunzel Play at the Glorietta. I will not put all the details as I cannot remember exactly the things that happened maybe because of the momnesia. All moms can relate, right?

So this will be our first time to watch a PLAY. I feel like we are in a Disney Movie. That is how amazing all the characters performed. The attitude, the singing, all of it was amazing. We can't take videos cause that was strictly prohibited. They even confiscated my DSLR before we went inside. That is how strict they are when it comes to the camera. So if you do not want them to confiscate your camera, DON'T BRING IT.

The photo below was captured from the Phone after the Play.

Our next stop, last but not the least, The Mind Museum.

I know everyone was already familiar with the place. It's all about Science.

Let me share with you our photos....

All of the photos were captured using Nikon D5300
I am already loving Nikon. The Colors were truly amazing.

Thanks for dropping by.

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