Having a break at Cafe Esque

11:21 PM

 Hello. Wondering where I've through after a year and a half not posting here on my blog?

Well, just to give you a quick update. I've been busy working as a Freelancer and as a Homeschool mom. Speaking of PRIORITIES.

Last year was not a good year for all of us and definitely we faced a lot of challenges emotionally, physically because of this pandemic. Thank Goodness we are protected in God's Grace and I am praying for everyone's safety. We may face difficulties today, but this is not the end. Think of it as a challenge and we are going to get through this, in Jesus name.

Well anyways, going back to the main topic.

After a year had passed of this pandemic, I have decided to have a short break this holiday.

We visited this great vibes and relaxing cafe in Antipolo.

The Cafe Esque, Antipolo City

I rarely visit cafes but I like the vibes of this cafe. Very simple, not crowded specially this time of Pandemic. And if you are planning to visit this area, make sure you have your QR code ready because they have policy of "NO QR CODE, NO ENTRY"

As you can see, this area has indoor and outdoor. If you like to view the scenery and the breeze of Antipolo, just have a table outside. You will love it.

I didn't know this cafe until my cousin and sissy invited me over.

Yes. We are trio. We love to hang out and have a good talk.
That is definitely a good break, right?

Well, we are happy to share one of our favorite food here in Cafe Esque.

You cannot resist this. Actually, we had 2 platters of this Cheesy Meat Fries.

Even us were surprised that we have two plates on this while having a good talk.
I'd be happy to try their other menu so I'll be coming here soon when I need to take a break.

Of course, we cannot come here from time to time because of the Pandemic. But having a break once in a while is good for our soul. SAFET FIRST.

Thank you and see you on my next post.

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