Spooktacular Halloween Party 2015

3:12 PM

This was our First Time to attend a Halloween Party. I just thought it might be FUN especially for the kids to experience this kind of event and I am so right, they really had FUN. Their energy was up to the highest level that even me as a Mother can't imagine how will I handle this Two super energetic kids without a helper or yaya by our side. Only me, my hubby and the kids went to this Spooky Halloween Party.at Ace Water Spa.

The Earlier the Better

I choose my Daughter, Mady, as an ANGEL. She was the Cutest Angel ever! And my Son was an Elf or Santa Clause? Hehe..

We arrived at 1 pm onwards, the party starts at 2 pm. I thought we were early. But.. NO. A lot of people were inside preparing for the party. 

The Grand Entrance

My kids were so energetic. They can't settle in one place. They like to move around and explore the area. Mady keeps on walking and jumping.

Buffet Area

Foods and Drinks were included when you avail the ticket. It has a stab on it. Just give it to the one who caters and they will give you foods and drinks (One for Adult and One for the Kid).

Sam really like the Cake Pops.

My Little Angel

The place and set-up were really nice.

The Party Place

Every kid wears their spookiest and cutest costume. Even some of the Adult wear costumes too.

The Stage

The Prizes

Mady was enjoying the party.

The Cutest Costume I had ever seen so far in the party.

And below was the spookiest costume we had ever seen so far in our entire life!

It also has lots of booths Games for the kids and lots of giveaway treats. They have Face Painting too. 

What we grab at home:

Thank you Ace Water Spa for having this Event. Actually, we grab a ticket at Metrodeal were they offer discounts!

Happy Halloween!

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