Our Holy week story 2016

4:13 PM

Happy Easter Everyone!

How's your very long weekend so far?

For us, it was very challenging. My daughter got sick. She has cough and colds.
Our most hatred ill of all. haiz.

My heart is breaking to see my daughter be in this situation. I don't know why she has difficulty in dealing with this kind of illness to the point that she needs Nebuliser to be in our side as always. (Who knows when the cough and colds will attack?)

We already consulted and asked our Pedia about why she has difficulty in dealing with her cough and we even ask him if she has an Asthma. He say that she has no Asthma unless otherwise if our Family has a history of Asthma.

Speaking of history, my family has a History of Asthma. Actually, my Mother has an Asthma. But we still don't confirm yet if my daughter has an Asthma. Hopefully not.

My Son wasn't like this. He can deal with his cough and colds. He can still play and run. Unless he wasn't feeling well. He will just lay down to bed and take a rest.

Our sleepless night ends in just ONE night. Thank goodness, my daughter feels a lot more better the other day :)

Yes. We just stayed at home the whole week even though it's a long weekend.

How FUN it is to be just at Home?

See for yourself :)

Watch the video below ...

How about you? What's your Holy week story?

A Happy Blessed Day ahead to Everyone!

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