Wedding 2016: My Little Flower Girl

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Hey guys. It's been a while since my last post. Probably because I was occupied with so many priorities. But really, I was trying my very best to input our everyday adventures and milestone.

Yesterday, we attended a friend's Wedding. The Nuptial of Inocentes & Ergina. They include my daughter in the Entourage as a Flower Girl. When the bride told me about this, I was thrilled and feels the excitement in my heart. It's her first time and I know my daughter can do it though she was just 2-years-old :) Well, who will not get excited anyway?

Yesterday's event was very challenging. The wedding starts at Nine O'clock in the Morning. I had to wake up early to get things ready. I had to fix my daughter's hair.. oh, this became useless and a waste of time 'coz after I fixed my daughter's hair and make it curled, I even used hold spray huh?, the curls were totally gone! sigh.. Why? Because she keeps on laying down 'coz she was probably sleepy and her head was sweaty because of the hot weather! And her hair became bomb diggity! I had no choice but to comb her hair. And when I combed her hair, the curls were gone. As if it wasn't existed at all!

But anyways, although her hair wasn't curled and she has no make-up coz she doesn't want me to put make-up on her, she was still the prettiest flower girl I've ever seen :) she used to be natural as always.

We arrived early. So, we roam around the church. We also practiced walking on the center aisle. I had to make my daughter get used walking on the center aisle before the ceremony starts.

Church: Our Lady of Abandoned Church, Marikina

Oh.. By the way, thank goodness there were no Tantrums while the Mass was going on.

She is the most hyper baby in here. I can't even take her a proper picture!

Reception: CVJ Clubhouse Marikina

After the Mass, this little girl slept in the car while we were on our way to the reception. I know she was tired so we let her sleep for about 20 minutes.

When we arrived at the reception, I know she was recharged and ready to party!

Watch the video below, see how hyper my daughter was :)

Selfie with the Bride

Photo booth

The Wedding program was fun.

I just want to share this picture (see below). They are our good friend. I can't believe how time really flies so fast.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Ergina! Best Wishes to both of you.

Basic Tips to remember:
1. Plan everything. From styling her hair to dressing her up. You have to be ready on everything.
I know I am not a Beauty Enthusiast or not even a professional when it comes to styling a hair and make-up what-so-ever but I've tried my very best. Promise!
2. Schedule Everything especially the time your kid/s had to wake up.
I told this to my husband. They had to wake up at around 5:30 am to 6:00 am. But what happened was this daddy woke up the kids soo early. As early as 4:30 am! I don't know if my hubby was excited or what. Haha! The kids get tired so easily. My son feels hyper when we were at the church and get pretty tired when we arrived at the reception.

That's it for now. It was fun but very challenging.

Thanks for dropping by!

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