Saturday ART-day

7:53 AM

Let me share with you our Weekend activity.

I am not into art but for my kids, I will do everything :)

Yes, me and my son made a Funny Fish!

So, who do you think is the most artistic between me and my son? Funny thing was everyone here in the house kept on saying that my son's artwork was the most artistic. Haha!

The Story behind our Funny Fish Artwork.

At first, my son doesn't want to paint by himself. I think because he was afraid to make a mistake. So I guided him on the first stroke than the second. Then, later on, I showed to him how to do it by painting my own paper plate. Meanwhile, he painted his own Funny Looking Fish. Good Job anak!

It was fun to make something different with your kids. It was relaxing, enjoyable and it creates the bond between me and my son. Who knows, it might develop his or her inner ability, right? lols.

Anyways, you might want to try it with your kid/s as well.
Here are the materials that you needed:
Paper Plate
Paint Brush

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Happy weekend!

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