Back to School 2016

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If you haven't noticed yet, I may not be able to blog every single detail of our lives because it's BACK TO SCHOOL!

I am pretty much excited for our Back to school. Especially now that my little girl will go to school as well with kuya. Yes, it was very tiring yet I am very proud and happy. If only you could see my face right now while blogging. Like this ^___________^

Anyways, my little girl was not crying at all when I left her inside the classroom. But, she covered her eyes. Maybe because she was shy to see the alphabet! ABCs are all over the wall of the classroom. It was soo cute though.

The two had tantrums before we go to school. They are not used to in our new daily routine yet but we are working on it.

As for my Kuya sam, his first schooling wasn't that good. He cried and shouted so loud. And we lasted for at least 3 weeks before he settled down. (Full story here ) That was last year. This year, he's back to school. We transferred him by the way. This is their NEW SCHOOL. Before we went to school,  we explained everything to him. Like mommy should be outside the classroom. If he will be good in school, we will give him a new toy. He should behave in school, listen to the teacher and play with his classmate. Although we explained everything to him he still doesn't want to go inside the classroom without me. So I told him that I will accompany him inside. But he still doesn't want so I dragged him! Lols. I carried him inside and he was like her hands and legs were twisted on my body. But anyways, importantly, he didn't cry. Yey!

So that was our first day of school.

On our second day, I left my daughter inside the classroom and she was like covering her eyes again because he sees a lot of ABCs and Colors. But you know what, I was wondering why she keeps on covering her eyes when she sees it. Even the TV when it was on and playing Nursery Rhymes, she was covering her ears. That was funny and too cute :) As for my Kuya, As usual, he doesn't want me to go outside "again". He just wants me to be on his side only. He doesn't want to sit beside his classmate. He doesn't want yet to cooperate in his class. But, when the snack time comes, I told him to grab a chair and sit on his designated table. Yes, he did that and he was really listening to me. My heart was jumping with joy because I can see his improvement and he is now adjusting to his new school. That is not all. I managed to talk to him and I said I will sit at the back. Yes, he agrees to it. I was so happy and smiling because he was listening to me. He was very attentive na in class. He was listening to the teacher. He follows instruction on what teacher was saying. So I told everything to daddy and at the same time, I was praying na sana on our third day, he will definitely allow me to go out of the classroom and he will be left inside with classmate and teacher.

The Third day has come. Everything goes smoothly. No Tantrums from my kids. Everything's well. I left my daughter inside her classroom. To my Kuya sam, I talked to him and Hooray on our third day because I finally have a consent from him that mommy should be outside the classroom. I told him that I'll be at the gate. waiting for him. I am so proud of my son :)

No crying. No tantrums. No trauma because I didn't just leave them crying inside the classroom. Teachers don't want the kids to be traumatized in the class. They want the kids to have fun and that is what I like about that school. They truly taking care of the kids.

Breaking the record because we only lasted for 3 days before he can feel comfortable in his new school.

My daughter was more independent than my son though. She is like it's okay if Mommy was not around. She will just play and sing.

I hope your kids had fun as well from their BACK TO SCHOOL!

Let's share stories!
I really want to hear your Back to school stories. Comment down below the link to your blog or your great ventures with your kid/s!

Happy Weekend!

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