DIY Airplanes for Birthday Giveaway

10:35 AM

Tomorrow will be my son's  birthday. His Birthday Celebration supposed to be today but due to bad weather condition, the birthday party was postponed and will be scheduled next week.

Anyways, we plan to celebrate his birthday in school.

I was planning to make a giveaway for the kids. I want to make something from craft as I really love doing something from scratch. And of course, I want it to be special with the help of the birthday celebrant. Thanks to #Pinterest for great ideas. I come up with DIY Airplanes as my son really love Airplanes and Cars.

Let me share with you on how to make this. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.. And easy to remember.

Things you need ...

Colorful Popsicle Sticks (Large and mini size)

Glues (Color Glue can use to design the airplanes)

Wooden Clothespin

Paint Colors

Paint Brush

All these can be found at National Bookstore except for the Wooden clothespin.
Wooden Clothespin can be found at any supermarket.


1. Paint the Wooden Clothespin in your choice of colors. It can be random.

2. Place a dot of the glue in the middle of two large popsicle sticks and place them on top and bottom of the wooden clothespin. It represents as wings.

3. Glue a mini popsicle stick at the back for the tail.

4. Design. Let your little one design their airplanes.

This is a fun activity for our little one.

While we were painting our wooden crafts, we had our short chit chat with my son regarding on what they were doing in school. Although we were able to paint this for at least 2 hours, he never gets bored. Actually, he wants to do more even though we're done.

You can try it with your kid as well. It serves as a great bonding between you and your kid.

Have fun this weekend!

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