HUGE delish Pizza: S&R's New York Style

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Today is my son's birthday. It's his 5th Birthday. How time flies!

His birthday celebration supposed to be yesterday in school but due to bad weather condition, the classes was suspended. Unfortunately, the announcement was kind of late so my mother already cooked half of the pasta for spaghetti.
But that's okay. 

Anyways, on the day of his birthday, we decided to just go to the mall and roam around and let him enjoy his day. We went to Robinsons Place Antipolo. We first head over to the place where kids can enjoy and have fun, the Play Area!
We had fun for at least 1 hour.

After the Play Area, their energies was consumed and I know the kids were now hungry. As planned (yes it was planned, I will tell you why later) we head over to S&R's New York Style Pizza. 

grabbed at

New York Style Pizza was one of a kind. Aside from their Pizza was Huge and Very Affordable, it was the yummiest pizza I've ever tasted so far.

Here are the different variants to choose from:
Cheese, Combo, Pepperoni, Garlic & Shrimp

Yes, they serve an 18" pizza. You can avail as Whole pizza or you can have a Slice Pizza.

They serve not only pizzas but they also have Chicken with Rice, Burgers, Chicken Caesar Salad and much more.

What we ordered was COMBO 18" Whole with 8 slices that cost 629 pesos.

This pizza was overloaded with toppings of Olives, Pepperoni, Pepper, Cheese overload, Sausage, and Onions. When I got my first bite, it was so delicious and very tasty. I can say that their Pizza was genuinely fresh. Two thumbs up!

Another thing that I like about in here was their sauce section.

And if you want extra onions and relish, you can have it as well.

Can you guess why we planned to celebrate my son's birthday here? Aside from my son love Pizza, we are wondering why there were so many people dining here. And now I know why. Their Pizza was excellent. This will now be one of my favorite.

Can you guess how many slices I ate? Only 2 slices! And I am totally full. 2 slices of 18" pizza with 8 slices were huge. If you will compare it to a regular size pizza, it would be 4 slices of pizza.

Anyways, if you are near Antipolo, you can invite the whole family or barkada because they have ongoing Promo! Buy 2 whole pizzas for only 1,088 pesos! Promo runs until the end of July.

It's time for Pizza Party!

Share your Big Pizza Pleasure by leaving comments below.

Thanks for dropping by!

S&R's New York Style Pizza
Robinsons Place Antipolo Branch
Fb page, click here.

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