Sam's Fieldtrip 2016

10:12 PM

 If you're following my social media accounts, you probably know that we went on a field trip before we had our sem break. This will be our first to join on a field trip. Sam had his first ride on a Bus. His expression was priceless. 

We brought the Vita Cubes Pillow with us so he can be more comfortable while on our way to our long trip.

Our first stop was Galinco Factory. It was located in Laguna.

Briefing Area

We were told that parents weren't allowed inside but then my little boy wants me to come along with him.

After the briefing, we did a quick cookie decoration.

 After the cookie decor, we went straight to the store and bought some chips delight where it is factory-priced! Took advantage of it so I bought a lot. My bad, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it.

Next on our itinerary was KIDZANIA Manila, located at BGC.

So when they announced this, I was more than excited that they included kidzania on our trip because I so like to bring my kids here. Well, mady will not appreciate yet coz she's still a toddler but my son would probably.


Our First Check. 50 kidzoos.
So in here, they call the money instead of pesos, it was kidzoos. We need to encash first before proceeding to the stores.

Guess what really caught his attention, CARS! All about Cars.  Ambulance, Fire Truck, Race Car.

Well, I guess he actually doesn't want to work for this time. He just wants to explore his surroundings that were full of stores. At least we went on a tour bus wherein they roam us around kidzania.

Overall, I can see that my son really had fun. My hubby told me he said "Bye Bye Bus" while he was sleeping with a smile.

Galinco website:
Kidzania Manila website:

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