Boo! Party at FUN RANCH

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Every year we're joining Halloween Party at different places. Last year, we joined at Ace Water Spa Halloween Party. My son was a Santa Clause and my daughter was an Angel.

Halloween Party 2015
The Santa clause costume, we had it since 2014 and bought it online for Christmas. For my Angel, the dress was a gift from my sister. We thought it was fitted to be an angel so we bought an angel wing and a ring on top of her head at the mall. For Last year's Halloween Party, we did not put so much effort on their costume.

This year, Mady is Princess Ana and Sam is Finn the human. I bought Ana Costume at Bluefish Closet for only 450 pesos and bought some accessories at the mall. Sam's costume is DIY. We bought fabric for the hat and a bag. We bought the shirt on market for only 70 pesos. All was made by my hubby. The fin's sword was made by my hubby as well. I was surprised that he can actually make something like this from scratch :) The hat and the bag were sewed by him :) I was amazed at his effort just for our son's costume for the party.

We are having our snack here. They were so busy on my phone.

Showtime! Kids were supposed to go on stage to show off their cool costume and do their best look on their costume.

We are arguing here. My son wants me to go on stage as well! And for my daughter, she wanted to stay up on stage.

This is weird! Does the other one come from future? Was that my daughter 5 to 7 years from now?

Although my son wasn't looking in the picture, my daughter has the sweetest smile ever.

She actually had tantrums. She wanted to stay up on the main stage where there was a fashion show ongoing. Good thing I found a mini-stage at the back of the function room. She was as happy as she could be!

The Princesses.

Mady wasn't the only one who's happy. Everyone 5 years below was so happy on their mini stage. They are so cute to watch.

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