Scholastic Warehouse Sale 2016

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Probably, most of you have heard of this great news in Facebook or on any social media sites. But if you still didn't know, I am telling, don't miss it!

Warehouse Sale was like left and right (you know what I mean). I am always on the look out of the S-A-L-E, most especially the WAREHOUSE SALE. If only I had a lot of penny right now, I probably catch all the Sale! If only I could ask my boss right know if I could have my bonus right away, I would! :)

But anyway, let's go back to the topic. We love reading! Most especially my children. They love to read a lot! Kahit paulit-ulit na! Hindi sila magsasawa. So when I heard of this, I was so like "Bes, let's go this weekend!!" (Bes is what I call to my hubby. Tawagan na namin yun kahit pa nung boyfriend/girlfriend pa lang kami. lols) I want to catch all the good books.

We went here last year. Check out my blog here.

What I like about this was the Book Buffet Box all you can for only 799 pesos!

My little girl was so excited!
We went here last week, days when they announced about what will their Warehouse Sale will be.

A long table on the right side (at the back of the man who's shirt was black), those were books you can put inside the box if you avail the Box all you can book buffet.

Let me take you a peek.

If you were a fan of Hunger Games, you would probably want to collect this, especially the hard bound. They were not 70% off ha (just like in the photo above). I asked the cashier and they said it was 50% off.

Calling all Harry Potter fan! They were 40% off!

I was so busy checking out the books. But, it looks like my daughter was busier than I am :)

Let me share my Book Haul this 2016!

Most books that we got probably for me and my hubby. Hehe. Meron din naman for my kids, of course. The books that we got, they will read those someday when they get a little older.

Here's what I grabbed that includes in our Book Buffet Box all you can:

Incarceron, Sapphique
I grabbed these because the books look nice.
They were related to each other. It was Part 1 and Part 2.

Fire World, The Fire Ascending, IceFire

Where she went (this is part 2, I still don't have part 1 "If I stay")
The Look (what I am currently reading)
Last Battle Icemark
Imaginary girls

The Red Pyramid

The Hobbit
Yes, you've seen the photo right. This was included in the Book Buffet. It was actually rare and my Hubby was a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings.

These are for my kids.

I'm a little sad 'coz I didn't get a chance to grab Dr. Seuss book 'coz I had to look after my kids. They were having so much fun that they want to grab all the books, especially the big books with a lot of pictures on it. Tuwang tuwa ang baby girl ko. But take note mommies and daddies, damaged book considered sold.

Game of Thrones set
These were excluded in book buffet but they were 50% off!

That's the end of our Book Haul! I hope this will help you choose whatever book you want to get.

A little guide for you,


We are so happy with our purchase. Let's catch another warehouse sale!
Thanks for dropping by!

Location: Grolier Scholastic Warehouse 70 C Raymundo St Pasig City
PROMO Period: November 15 - December 22, 2016
Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Here's the mechanics:
How to get there:

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