Scholastic Warehouse Sale 2015

5:44 PM

Hey, guys. We just went to a Scholastic Warehouse Super Sale in Pasig. When I found out that there's a Book Sale happening right now, I was so like Oh-My-Gosh! It's a very good timing 'coz I really want a new book for my little bookworm baby bears Sam and Mady. So after I read the post from Lady's Motherhood Journey (one of Mommy Bloggers Ph) I must go here on Sunday. So I tagged along with my hubby and my son, Sam.

Regarding the post, you can buy a book for as low as 20 pesos. And yes, we found that.

My main target is to look for children's book. But when we enter the store, I first found this. Though I'm aware that they also have Harry Potter, Divergent Series, Hunger Games Series, etc. in a very huge discount.

Here's what we  got so far,

A Coloring Book
A Fantasy book for Mommy.
To know more about the Scholastic Warehouse Sale, you may visit Lady's Motherhood Journey.

You still have time to catch their Give the Gift of reading :)

Happy Reading!

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