Two in One Celebration with Barney

11:37 PM

I know that this event happens a very long time. I just want to put it on record. Can you blame me? :)

Anyway, we can consider this as a FLASHBACK.

Anyhow, way back in 2013, so much celebration to celebrate especially if you have lots of kids who's going to have birthday celebration every month! Oh-my! That's too much. We only had two kids and I thinks that's enough for us. Our little bundle of joy.

As for the title of this post, I know it sounds like so much Filipino-style but we just want to be practical. Who's not anyway? That's is how unique the Filipinos are. If you want to know the details of my Daughter's Christening at the Church please click here.

After Church, went off to the reception to Celebrate Baptism of Madely Claire and 2nd Birthday of Sam Daenel.

Date: July 14, 2013

We celebrated our Son's First Birthday here (click here) then I choose this place "again" to celebrate the Birthday and Baptism of my kiddos. And lastly, my daughter's first birthday (click here). Suki na eh noh? But honestly, I like the place. It has parking space for the visitors who will come with the car, They can also host a party so you don't need to look for the party host. You can look for a Magician or a Clown to make the party more memorable and FUN for kids. They have a good package to choose from that includes a balloon, prizes for the games, and so much more so less hassle talaga.

You can look for the Cake na lang. We choose Red Ribbon.

Barney prizes provided by Shakey's. Cupcake Candle and the Cuddly toys for giveaways. 

Tarpaulin designed by me of course.


Thank you for the Gifts

And of course, before the program begins, we started with the Prayer led by my cousin Fatima.

Oh, by the way, we hire a photographer. I know we need it that only cost for P1,500. Not bad right? 

Below are my hubby's College Friends. Glad they come despite their busy schedule.


I think the kids are having fun.

Mommy on duty as always :)

Below is my Ninang. Glad she came too with her Daughter who led the Prayer.

The Birthday Celebrant

A message from Ninangs to Mady

Look how busy the toddler was.


Dance number with Shakey's Pizza

The Toddler didn't like the mascot

Thank you for reading this blog!

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