8 Lessons to Learn from the movie "A Second Chance"

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After 8 years, there is A Second Chance. The most awaited sequel to the movie
One More Chance.

Warning: For those who haven't watch the movie yet, do not scroll down! I don't want to spoil your excitement.

A Second Chance is really a good movie and it's all about life. There are a lot of lessons to learn from this and I just want to jot it down.

Here are the 8 Lessons to Learn:

1. For those who've found love
There will come a time when you will see the worst version of your partner. It will be hard for you to see the best part of him, you just want to give up. But if you found the love, you will just have to make the hard choices and you must stick to it with no blame at all.

2. For those afraid of Judgement
The very first time when Bash knew what's the problem.
Popoy : "Bash I just need you to trust me right now, please"
Bash : "You want me to trust you? But you can't trust me."
Letting someone love you means putting your guards down to show all your sides, even the ones that may be ugly and disappointing. - It's very true :)

3. For those who always wonder
What-ifs will always be around. It requires bravery to ignore it and to accept what is.

4. For those out of touch with their best friends
This is so like me. Sa sobrang busy sa mga bahay and sa babies hindi ko na naisip to get along again with my bffs, We need to get in touch with our best friends to catch up with them, to relax and to take a break. We all know as we grow older life is getting tougher than we thought it might be. Talking to someone else can help life to become easier. If bffs are gone, find a community where you can share your thoughts just like Mommy Bloggers Ph :)

5. For those Looking for Love
Always do your life partner a favor and not insecurities and what-ifs.

6. For those Determined to Achieve a Dream
Everyone has a dream.Strike the balance between Ambition and Practicality.

7. For those with Trust Issues
If you feel betrayed by someone you love and you don't want to trust him anymore, try to trust the Love for that person first. - I must always put this in mind. lols.

8. For those afraid of Failure
Even the smartest and most hardworking ones fail. Admit it! Share the burden with your partner and be humble enough to ask for help.

How about you? What have you learn so far from this movie? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I wanted to see the film but never had the chance to do so. Thanks for sharing these insights. They're really very helpful even for an individual (not only for couples).

  2. I haven't watch it yet 'coz my partner won't accompany me! Argh!

  3. I haven't watched either 1 or 2, but those lessons are really great. =)

  4. Haven't watched it yet maybe this weekend. Too busy for Christmas shopping kasi. :)

  5. Same here, is it still showing pa?


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