Thank you for the Wonderful Year of 2015

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What an Amazing year it has been! I must say that this year is the Hardest, Challenging yet very successful year for us. Let me share with you our precious moments before 2015 comes to an end. The only highlighted one 'coz I only started blogging 3 months ago. Yey!

Mady's First Haircut - February

A very easy to manage I must say. Just open the TV and play Nursery Rhymes or whatever is available, she can sit still while having her haircut. But her 2nd haircut was very challenging. She likes to jump and she can't even sit still. We must hold her head to be able to cut her hair. Kaloka!(ganun siya kalikot noong time na un.)

Mady's 2nd Birthday Celebration - April

A Simple Celebration at Home. We don't invite many, just our neighbors and closest friends. We had games for the kids as well.

Sierra Madre Tanay Rizal - April

Fresh Air. Cold Breeze. Kids can run and play. Not too Crowded. You can found all of these at Sierra Madre Tanay Rizal. You can also unwind yourself if you are a little stress from work or even at home. We like to come back here as often as we could. Please click here for more details.

Sam's First Day of School

First Day of School was very Challenging. I know every Parent experienced the same way but I can tell that mine was the hardest. My Son really cried so loud. We took more than two weeks. I almost wanted to give up and wanted him to pull out from school but the Principal told me that we must not give up and let my child win from this situation. Ganyan daw talaga and my inabot pa ng more than a month before they adjust. So I told myself another week pa. And on the third week, tadaa, my son went to his classroom by himself. Yey! Click here for more details.

Grand Opening of Siomai King Binangonan - June

I'm excited to announce that yeah, I franchised. I'm a Business Women and an Entrepreneur who wanted to reach her Financial Freedom for the sake of her Family :)

Sam's 4th Birthday Celebration @ School

It was his First Birthday Celebration at School and he was a bit shy. He doesn't even talk. He just stands up in front. But I was so happy that time kasi we succeed his first day of school experience and hindi talaga ako sumuko. Hoorah for me!

Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum - August

I love to expose my Children. Going out sometimes. Yexel's Museum was a very cool place especially to my son who really loves Iron Man. Yes, there is a life-sized Iron Man and a Minion as well. Full details here.

First Halloween Party - End of October

Good thing I found this Halloween Event at Metrodeal. One of my very Challenging Experience kasi we don't have Yaya and super likot ng mga kids. Very tiring yet very FUN Experience for my little one. Full details here.

Sam's First Christmas Party at School

Another Fun School Experience for my Son. He got home lots of giveaways from school. Full details here.

Christmas House 2015

A Very cool and Amazing place. A very wonderful experience indeed. My Children was so happy. The Good Part was it's very near from our place. 30 minutes away from home, not bad after all and it's hassle-free. Full details here.

Amazing and Wonderful Year indeed! Looking forward next year with full of Adventures, Joy, and Happiness.

Happy Holidays!

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