A very BUSY days

8:51 PM

Looks like everyone has a very tight schedule whether at work or even at home to finish their errands fast before Christmas Vacation.

I have an unusual experience last weekend. Better not to talk about it. It just occupied my mind the whole Sunday though been trying hard to cheer myself up and not to think about that misfortune.

But anyway, Christmas is really getting near. I have a list to fulfill before Christmas. My son has no classes for today (Dec. 8) because of the Feast of Immaculate Concepcion. So we had a chance to do some Christmas Shopping for our Inaanak (it's one of my lists). And so we went off to Robinson's Place Antipolo.

We have a lot of expenses already so we need to be practical on buying items as a gift for our inaanak. It's not how much would it cost of the item you bought but the most important are "it's the thought that counts". 

Here's what I grab so far:

In one pack, there are

Loombands (for boys and girls)

Toy Soldiers (for boys)

and these

The toy on the right side is so entertaining because if you turn on the key, it will jump backward. I think 3y/o up will definitely like this.

The pack cost for 100 pesos only. We grab 4 packs at home. Happy me!

Did you do your Christmas Shopping already? If not, do it now before the last minute because you might miss the best deal.

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