Review: BDJ Planner 2017

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Dear Diaries,

I'm taking a break from my super productive day as a mom. We just moved in and we had to set everything in place. I'm half done. Kids were sleeping as of the moment I am typing this. I have to grab this opportunity to blog about my favorite pages of my favorite planner of all time because it's been more than a week since I received my planner!

One of the things I like about this planner was the #BDJPerks. It consists of discount coupons from a certain brand or company like Parisians, Ace Water Spa, browhaus, Flawless and much more.

Every year, they have a theme for planners to give positive outcome for all the bellas. This year 2016 was "Be brave love deeply shine brighter", for next year "Trust your Heart to Overcome the Waves"

They had BDJFair event last month. So sad I wasn't able to attend such event because of the
not-so-good weather. They held it at MOA, 2 hours away from home. BDJ Fair was one of the events I look forward to. Maybe I wasn't destined to attend for this year. Maybe next year :)

Let me show you my favorites


It is a checklist of certain FUN activities and ideas. There are certain topics like about SELF (take surfing lessons. learn how to cook, etc.) Finance (Scour the internet for new business ideas, Open a time deposit account, etc.) Travel (visit 10 museums this year!) Fitness and Health and Others.

I love this page because I'd like to try something new! That's all ^_^

Events Calendar

Although Facebook was a big help on giving reminders, I still love writing them down here.

Cash Flow Tracker 

As a mom, this was really important to me. I always write down here my budget and savings.

That's it! I'm a certified Bella since 2011. I switched the year 2013 but my heart still belongs to BDJ. I am one proud bella!

Thanks for dropping by!

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