Movie Date with my Girlfriends

10:54 PM

So yesterday, it's mommy's night out with her girlfriends. I don't remember when was the last time I watched a movie by the way.

Our most awaited movie was here and we really can't wait to watch it. Can you guess what that movie is? The 50 Shades Darker.

Before we even watch that movie, I told myself that I will grab a copy of the book. Now we're done with the movie, I am dying to have those books! I really can't wait to know the next story in line. In my honest review, I really like the story, I had this romantic excitement. Oh-my-gosh! I really don't know if I should make a review but I will share it to you my most favorite scene of all. My most favorite scene was the moment when Anastasia Steele say YES! to Christian Grey! My gosh! Until now, I still feel the kilig factor :) I'm sorry guys, if you haven't watched the movie yet, please stop reading this. My bad! I didn't mean to spoil the movie. I just let my fingers type whatever in my mind.

The movie, although there is some sort of very sensitive scene, the movie was full of romance. Really fits for valentines day. This movie is not just for the couples, even for those who has no date can watch this. It gives you that romantic feeling inside.
Please don't get me wrong of any of what I am saying here :)

My Brother, Sisters, and Cousin
(Bryan, Meliza, Me, Ate Chelle, Angel)
Actually, in the photo above, I, Ate Chelle and Angel were only who have seen the movie. The rest were followed to had some dinner. 

I must say that I enjoyed watching The 50 Shades Darker not because of the sex scene but the kilig factor they gave to the viewer. :)

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