Cooking Demo @ The Maya Kitchen ft. Come Forth Kitchen

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I've been married for 6 years now. I love baking but never did I learn how to cook yet >.< ugh! my bad! Yes, you can blame on me. I was very lazy and guilty in that case.

Our first five years, we are living with Parents. My Parents. And his Parents every weekend. Yes, I trust our meal to my Mother for several years! I am really grateful for that :) (Feels so lucky) Now, the situation is different. We moved into our months ago. I'm in the process of learning how to cook. Yes, marunong ako mag prito. But the deepest part of cooking, no no no.

In our new home, I entrust the cooking to my husband. Yeah! That's why I love him! What's that saying? The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach? Lols. Just kidding aside. Trust me, I'm in the process of learning.

So when I saw the invitation from the Mommy Bloggers' FB Group, I didn't hesitate to register. Lucky me I have been chosen.

The day has come. The Rain can't stop me from going to the Cooking Demo at The Maya Kitchen Featuring Come Forth Kitchen, "Comfort Food like no other."

It really gives me a giddy feeling when I saw the group message from the admin of Mommy Bloggers for the Cooking Demo.

I know this is kind of very tempting. I as well had that feeling when Chef (I forgot their names) did the Cooking Demo. But, let me share with you the amazing recipes. I thought it was very difficult, but they prove me wrong. It was very easy to make. Trust me. This gastronomical feeling inside of me was very satisfied that day! Because they don't just cook in front of us, they gave us a food taste of their wonderful meal. It was superb!

Without further ado, let's get started!

Calling all veggie lovers! Try this.
My Family loves Pizza! This is a must try.
This caught my attention. It was very yummy and very tasty. It was more like Kilawin, if you are familiar, Or is it?

Another healthy yummy.
If you are going to ask me, one of my fave is Pulpog because it's very tasty especially with the egg and rice. I also love the Longganiza Pizza. It's very delicious. I'm sure my kids will love it.

Food Taste

Take home goodies
Just want to say thank you The Maya Kitchen and Come Forth Kitchen for inviting Mommy Bloggers Ph to your kitchen and witness the amazing Cooking Demo. It was a great experience indeed!
Now, I must say that my Cooking skills are now to the next level :)
Practice makes perfect though.

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you soon on my next gastronomical adventure!
Want more recipe? Visit their website. Details below.

The Maya Kitchen
8F Liberty Bldg. 835 A. Arnaiz Ave. Legaspi Village
Makati 1229
Facebook Page:

Come Forth Kitchen
"Comfort Food like no other"
120 Jupiter Street Bel Air
Makati 1209
Facebook Page:

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