How did we spent our Holy Week 2017

7:28 AM

We all know that Lenten Season is the time to have our little meditation and reflection to oneself for Jesus Christ. Although I know that we need to do this every single time, not just today, but this time of the year is special.

I told to myself that I will try my best to teach my kids or tell them the story of Jesus Christ and about The Bible at the very young age.

The Vacation - No Work - started last Thursday. My Son was at Angono by that time. Actually, since my husband was always on the field lately and since the school days are over, we decided to send my son to vacay at my in-laws. A little bond to his grandmother and grandfather.

Then on Good Friday, we decided to go out a little while and went to SM Mall of Asia by the bay Amusement Park. It was our first time to went there. It has an amazing view of the Ocean and the kids had witnessed the Sunset. We were able to ride the Train, Carousel, and The Eye of the Amusement Park - the Ferris Wheel. We were able to enjoy the day with the whole family and had a dinner at the restaurant. I wasn't able to get a picture much because I was enjoying too much! My bad! But the good news is, I was able to at least take a video. Please check out my youtube channel here.

Then on last Sunday, we were able to go to church with the whole family and of course with the kids.

I feel so blessed because these things happened. I just love my family and I want to keep the bond of our family just by a simple activity, by going out and by going to church on Sunday's.
Keeping our mind away from thinking of the financial problem. This will not stop us from keeping the Joy and Happiness that we deserve.

God Bless us all! :)

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