2016 Highlights

9:37 PM

So the year 2016 comes to an end.

Let me share with you our Highlights for 2016.

I think I've collected twenty-one Highlights.

Most of them our #first to experience :)

1. We visited Sierra Madre in Tanay Rizal

This wasn't our first time. We visited here second time around because we wanted to feel the fresh breeze and relaxation. I hope we can get back here the soonest :)

I am so happy that I had this opportunity to attend such event. This event was full of inspirational, empowered women. I also got the opportunity to meet Ms. Janet Belarmino, the youngest mother to summit Everest.

3. Weekend Escapade  at Aquaria Beach Resort

Our first to visit tagging along with my sister, brother and his girlfriend. Long drive away from the Metro.

4. Mady as Flower Girl

First flower girl experience :)

5. Pizza Party with Rizal Bloggers and Media Friends

First time to meet my co-bloggers.

6. Sam's Kiddie Crew Experience

One of our Summer Activities.

7. Mady's 3rd Birthday

Always be my highlight every year :) I just love to watch them grow.

8. BDJ Women Summit

My first time to attend one of the event of my favorite community. Tagging along with my Sister and my Brother's Girlfriend. First time to see Mr. Atom Araullo in person, ang gwapong sikat na News Reporter ng ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Shows.

9. Summercamp

Another FUN event. So happy I met Ms. Donna Cuna - Pita, Cosmopolitan Philippines Fashion Designer.

11. Ark Avilon Zoo in Ortigas

12. Sam's Birthday in School

13. My first Foodcrawl with bloggers and media friends

14. Our New Home

I don't actually blog about our new home but I did mention it on my previous post. I am so happy on our little new home :)

15. My First Event with Mommy Bloggers

My first event with my fellow Mommy Bloggers. Much more fun because I tag along with my son. This event was for the kids after all. Glad to finally met my fellow Mommy Bloggers.

16. Sam's First Fieldtrip

17. Halloween Party at Fun Ranch

Sam as Fin the Human and Mady as Princess Anna. They are oh-so-cute.

18. Free Pampering Experience with Rizal Bloggers Media Friends

How fun it was to have a free pampering service together once again with my co-bloggers here in Rizal and as well the media friends.

19. My First Make Up Workshop Experience

How about to be a student of my cousin who is a professional makeup artist. I am so proud of her :)

20. Christmas Party

This year's  Christmas party was very challenging. They had a  play where my son will role as a sheep so he had to wear a Sheep Costume. Nothing really beats my DIY project. Nagkaubusan nga lang ng bulak sa grocery. lols.

21. Visited Liwanag Park

The brightest place we've visited.

So that's it. My most highlights for the year 2016. I am so glad I've experienced all of this. Hoping this year I will be experiencing a lot more.

How about you? What is your most highlight for the year 2016? I will be more than happy if you can share it with me. Thanks for dropping by!

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