Weekend Getaway # 1 "Sierra Madre Tanay Rizal"

6:47 PM

Happy New Year everyone!

This was our first Weekend Getaway for this year 2016.

Date: January 2, 2016 (Saturday)

Sierra Madre
Tanay, Rizal

One of the Wonders of Rizal

We've been here 8 months ago (please click here). Nothing was the difference except the volume of people visiting the place. The last time we visit was kind of so many people. And this time, it has fewer people who visited. I guess because people choose to stay at home rather going out on that day, though it was still holiday (January 2, Saturday), because Monday will be back the way it was. In short, the Holiday will soon be over!
And so before we went to our destination, our tummy was calling for food. So we dropped by at the Fast Food Restaurant.

Red Bulls
Bakahan sa Tanay & Restaurant

The title itself says it all. Their specialty was Lechon (Native) and Tuna.

Check out the image below for MENU if you want to drop by at their fast food restaurant to give you an idea.

We are in the middle of our Journey. And so we went off again on the road.

As we arrived, we go straight down at the picnic area.

We had 2 problems.
1. We didn't bring any cloth or towels or fabric where we can sit and lay down.
2. We don't have any Tent.

Much better if there's a Tent. I swear. It was kinda rainy day so what we did was we went inside the car and wait for the rain to stop. Oh, don't get me wrong, the rain was not that hard and it rained just a couple of minutes. We still enjoy our trip.

Sad. we used the car carpet.

What you can expect down there was the Spring Valley, Water Falls, Camping Area, Station of the Cross and Jungle Trail. We didn't go down there further. We should be ready for this. 'Cause, for now, we get tired easily. Hehe. It's kinda very far.

That's it for now! Thanks for dropping by!

1. Bring Food and drinks for picnic purposes in case you want to stay longer.
2. Bring Cloth or any towels where you can sit and lay down as you enjoy the cold fresh breeze and the clouds and the Environment.
3. You may bring tent (if any) in case it rained.

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