My ONE word for 2016 is ...

9:03 AM

Okay. So now I will be joining the #oneword2016.

I know it's a bit late but it's better late than never, right? After all, it's still January. I started out my blogging 3 months ago and the purpose of getting my own blog is to have my Motherhood journey in track. It's my first time to do this and I hope It'll help me guide my direction for this year.

My chosen One Word is FAITH.

I chose Faith as my One Word for this year because of what I experienced last year. I noticed that I had a lot of struggles for the past months last year that I really don't want to experience it this year. Those not-so-good experience taught me a lot of Lessons. Though I must admit, I almost wanted to give up even my own Family. Tsktsk. But thanks to my hubby, he wasn't giving up on me. He knows what I am facing at that very moment and he really did his best to understand me. That is why our relationship as Husband and Wife became Bigger and Stronger.

For this year, I leave all my unfortunate to God and have FAITH in everything. And always think POSITIVE

How about you? Do you have your own one word for 2016? I'll be happy to hear your thoughts. Share your One Word in the comment box below and also your blog post if you have one.


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