It's Daddy's Birthday!

10:47 PM

Happy Monday!
I must say that this day was a very productive day for me. So before this very day ends, I should do a quick post for Daddy because every event or even milestone of my family deserves to be part of my Blog!

Last Friday, we celebrated Daddy's Birthday. We decided not to cook and celebrate at home 'coz we are so uber very busy to that and instead, we celebrated it at Wendy's Restaurant at Sta. Lucia Grand Mall just the four of us. Yes. You read it right. Just us four. Me, Daddy, Sam and Mady.

We grab the deal at Metrodeal. Yeah! We really do hate discounts! Wait.. No.. We love discounts. So if you know that there's something fishy is going on around us, wait, what I'm talking about is the garage sale or something, you might wanna share it to me. I really appreciate it. Lols.

Anyhoo, we had lunch at Wendy's Restaurant. Here's the deal I grab at Metrodeal.

The Bourbon BBQnator

As you can see, it is the newest menu of Wendy's. We get thrilled and our taste buds go really crazy for Bacon and Beef! The Beef is 100% pure patty so it was really delicious, all juicy and soooo tasty. The sauce was even made more special with jim Beam Bourbon. In a Beef Patty topped with American Cheese, sweet caramelized onions and crunchy potatoes.

All made with the freshest and finest ingredients to satisfy our cravings for a Mouthwatering Burger. That's why we love Wendy's Restaurant.

All these for P249 - 37% discount. Not bad after all. I grabbed two (2) vouchers. Yey!

That's not all! Wendy's Restaurant offers a Salad Bar for P249 per plate. Grab all you can! But be sure to finish it all or else you will be charged for another serving.


Here's our plating.

Yummy delicious salad indeed! We had macaroni, lettuce, carrots, sweet potato, cheese and everything nice. Hehe. And we end up with a full tummy!

Next Birthday, my little girl Mady. Still wondering where to celebrate her 3rd birthday. Oh-my! Time really flies so fast.

Thanks for dropping by!

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