WINGS Philippines Launch Extravaganza

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This year, well actually before the year 2015 ends, I decided to go out from my comfort zone to meet new colleague friends, entrepreneurs or same interest as mine. So when I heard of this event, I didn't think twice. I just push through and thought that maybe this was the chance that I've been waiting for.

WINGS-Philippines 2016 Launch Extravaganza

WINGS is an organization of empowered women entrepreneurs and professionals locally and abroad that understand the values of collaboration for enhancing business acumen for financial prosperity and personal fulfillment. It is a program of Bridge of Hope - World, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization helping single mothers, abused women, and orphans in the poorest communities worldwide.

Sounds great, isn't it? I was so thrilled about it and get so excited to attend of such event. Perfect for me as I am already in a world of Entrepreneur, not to mention that I am still a full time mom. Thanks to my hubby for the full support for this one.

Note : If you want to learn more about Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Women Empowerment, you may continue reading my post. But if not, you may stop here and close the tab and thanks for dropping by :)

This was held at Chardonnay by Astoria, 10:30 am to 3:00 pm.

I arrived early so they gave me 5 extra raffle tickets for the early bird and out of 10 raffle tickets I won 5 prizes. Yehey! (Happy kid here)

When I roam around, I found ...

When the program started, the First Speaker on stage was Ms. Ava De Guzman.

Ms. Ava De Guzman is the Founder of two leading Home-Care Agencies in California, U.S.A. She is the President of ADG Referral Services Inc. and CEO of Senior Services and Beyond, Inc. She served as President of Empowering Business Women and an active member of various business women network organizations in California, USA.

Ava De Guzman is the Founding Director of Bridge of Hope – World, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization helping single mothers, abused women, and orphans in poor communities worldwide. She is the Founder and International Coordinator of WINGS.

Her greatest achievement comes from being a single mother raising two wonderful daughters. She is prayerful that one day her own daughters will respond to God’s calling, touch many lives, and make a difference in the world. She is an active member of her home Church and serves in various caring ministries. 
Ms. Ava De Guzman (beside me)

I was very inspired by her Story. Really. This event was full of inspirational different kind of stories. This surely empowers every woman. They give strength and support to each and everyone.

The Second Speaker was Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius, a renowned and seasoned Psychologist and author in the U.S. In 1999 she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Soon after her diagnoses she began practicing yoga everyday for 20 minutes. Three months later she went into spontaneous remission and has been cancer free ever since. Due to her strong belief in body mind healing, she incorporates yoga posture and breathing techniques into personal coaching and psychotherapy as well.

So sad I didn't get a chance to be with Dr. Ambrosius but here she is on stage ..

She shares her story of being an Independent Person. No matter what kind of problem you may have, don't give up. Don't take your problems too seriously. God is Bigger than our problem. I like the saying "From Defeat to Purpose and Victory" It really means a lot.

The Third Speaker was Ms. Janet Belarmino. the youngest mother to summit Everest, standing on top of the world 5 months after giving birth. She is one of the world's leading inspirational speakers and most sought-out Public Motivational Speaker in Asia.

Ms. Janet Belarmino on the right side.

She says that you don't have to summit Mount Everest like what she did just to showcase what you can do. However, going onto traffic or work was enough. She can't hold her tears on stage when she tell her stories and I was touched and inspired by her bravery. Such a brave and strong woman.

Another Guest was Ms. Elaine Leunga Software Engineer and a successful Entrepreneur based in California, U.S.A. She has established a profitable IT consulting practice from the ground up to $12 Million US Dollars in revenue. After the acquisition of MS9 Consulting, Elaine Leung served as the VP of Marketing and Business Development of a successful global IT Consulting firm where she increased revenue from $12 million to $25 million in one year in key growth markets such as healthcare and biotech.

Ms. Elaine Leung is a dear friend of Ms. Ava De Guzman.

In this Event, they had Panel Discussion which each panel will be asked by Ms. Ava and also from the Guest.

Here's the question that I take note so far in no particular order.

Question : How do you define a successful woman?

  • Understanding what she wants to attain freedom and flexibility.
Question : What is your piece of advice for the First time Women Entrepreneur?

  • Planning.
  • Fear means False Evidence.
Question : What do you do to grow Women Entrepreneur?
  • You don't know how close you are to one's success when you give up.
They say, Networking in the Philippines may bring Negativity but it is very Popular in the US.

This event really taught me so many Lessons. It's really an honor to be part of this.

Now, I have two Lucky Charm Bracelets. Yehey!

Get Connected!

Five Networking Tips

For more information about WINGS Philippines, feel free to visit their website :

Ignite. Connect. Prosper.

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  1. This can be very helpful to those who seek understanding when it comes to networking. It has a pretty bad rap but maybe this will help disspell that.

  2. A great project for women especially those who would like to try being an entrepreneur.

  3. This program is very beneficial for the women entrepreneurs... And those who aspire to be one... Awesome event by the way!

  4. Very nice. Just by looking at the event poster, the topics are indeed very helpful - from leadership to public speaking, growing money, and even expanding the business globally. I hope Ive heard of that event, would love to be part of it.

  5. Networking doesn't have a very good reputation in the Philippines, but it's good that they're providing seminars like this one to help people better understand that industry.

  6. It's great that such organizations exist to empower women. Their stories are very inspiring indeed.

  7. Very empowering project! Congrats for having joined such a wonderful organization that will help you maneuver through your venture.

  8. How awesome! I would have loved to join such a wonderful benefit party, too!

  9. This one looks super interesting. I would love to attend this kind of event in the future. THanks for sharing!

  10. It looks interesting, understanding how really networking works


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