My First Make-up Workshop Experience

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Lately, I've been totally stressed out of everything. For being a Mommy. A very kind and diligent wife (wow! diligent? lols.). For being industrious in the house. Then suddenly, I felt a little sadness in my heart that there was something missing.

I am missing out the FUN. I totally forgot on how to live. Why am I not living my life in a right way? Why do I feel like a prison in my own family? I feel like there is something wrong. How can I ever raise my kids right if their Mommy wasn't happy at all?

Just then, I started to reflect myself. How can I ever start living a happy life again? I am married for 5 years now. Never did this popped into my mind just until now that we are living in a separate house with my own family.

Choosing to be happy wasn't selfish at all. I learned that throughout my married life. At first, I thought if I concentrate on my kids, their needs, and everything, that's enough for my living. But I was wrong. I am having a mood swings these past few days. Just when I thought that I wasn't happy at all. I feel that there is something locked up in my throat. How can I ever survive this? Just so when I realize that I need to give some time to myself. My own happiness. I need to organize my schedule a little bit more and spend more time to myself. Ika nga ~ "Don't rely on someone else for your happiness. Only you can be responsible for it. You have to invest in yourself or no one else will." ~ unknown.

So when I got an invite from my cousin who is a Professional Makeup Artist, I don't hesitate to say YES on joining the workshop. I so tag along my sister as well who is a lot more kikay than I am :) 

Showing off our Certificate from the Workshop. Proud to be a student of my cousin Denise Congco, formerly Watsons Marketing Manager and a Professional makeup Artist.
I'm a bit shy though because I'm a newbie! But anyway, push lang ng push :)

We had so much fun. I learned a lot of things, thanks to my cousin for inviting me over. It was a great experience for me :)

I never knew that attending of such was FUN. I'm learning something new. 

Let me share it with you, my take home goodies from the workshop:

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Skin Recovery and Brightening Collagen Cream

Face & Body Illumina Milk Soap

Lip & Cheek Doll by The Body Shop

Loving this product and been using it since day one. I'm obsessed with the lip and cheek tint these past few days =P

Real Lasting Eyebrow of K-Palette

My new discovery for my eyebrows. It's so easy to use especially for a newbie like me and long lasting.

Lip Scrub

Beauty Tools Travel Size

I think that's a lot of our take home goodies and I am one happy girl who never regrets on joining this workshop :)

and that's not all. We also spend our allotted time to catch up with each other after the workshop. She's not just my cousin, she is my adviser as well. Thank you so much for an eye-opening advice and make me realize something that I don't realize it yet (or maybe I knew it already but I am keeping my eyes closed. lols)

Thanks for dropping by!

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