Japanese Restaurant - Katsumi's Cocoro

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 I've always wanted to dine here with my family but the time won't allow us to. In fact, visiting SM Center Angono was like once in a blue moon although we're always in the province of Angono during weekends to visit my in-laws :) I can only visit here when there is something to attend to like food crawl.

Dining in this resto was one of the best experience I had so far because of the ambiance of the place. It really feels like I was dining in Japan that time.

If you are wondering where the name came from. "Katsumi" was the name of the owner and "Cocoro" meaning "heart and soul" in Japan.


Tempura Maki, 280 pesos 



Do you wonder who was the owner? Let me give you a clue. She lives in Japan but she's not Japanese. She is a pure Filipino. After all of our eating session, she told us her story in Japan. I was inspired of her story. She is such a wonderful and inspiring Filipino Entrepreneur. I'm really glad that I was invited for a food crawl.
Hindi lang kami nabusog, na-inspired pa kami at marami kami natutunan :)

By the way, they have sort of affordable meal for as low as 132 pesos.
Family Package for as low as 888 pesos good for 4 pax

If you are planning to visit, best to try their Authentic Japanese Shabu-shabu. The Best talaga!

They are accepting Catering Services for Birthday, Baptismal and Wedding Occasions.

Visit them at 2nd floor SM Center in Angono Rizal.

Facebook Page: http://bit.ly/2hQuTUX

Mobile # 09052991759
Tel. no. 650-6931

Thanks for dropping by!

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