Cusina at SM Center Angono

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Welcome to my part 2 of our #SMCenterAngonoFoodcrawl round 2 :)

If you haven't read about my part 1, our first stop restaurant in SM Center Angono, you may drop by here.

This is our 2nd stop.

How do you love lutong bahay? Especially those Filipino cuisines that everyone's been craving for.

When you are so busy at work and no time to cook at home and you've been craving for Lutong  Bahay and looking for the affordable meal that will satisfy your cravings, this might be it.

"Cusina" iba't-ibang sarap.. ibang-iba ang sarap

One of the newly opened restaurants in SM Center Angono.

In this restaurant, they have lots of dishes to choose from.
Almusal, Merienda, Tanghalian/Hapunan, Dessert/Drinks, Extra

Plain Lugaw 25 pesos
Arroz Caldo Goto Lugaw  / Towa't Baboy for 44 pesos
Goto Lugaw Special 59 pesos
Omelet for 69 pesos

following are with egg, rice, and soup
Tapa / Corned Beef / Bangus for 79 pesos
Hotdog / Longganisa / Tocino for 69 pesos

Starting at 10 pesos, you can order Puto. Or 25 pesos, you can have Banana Q or Camote Q.
If you are craving for something sweet, you can have Leche Flan for only 30 pesos. Champorado for 30 pesos only. How about Salad for 45 pesos only. And much more.

What we have tried during the #smcenterangonofoodcrawl


Laing for 69 pesos

Beef Steak for 99 pesos

Pansit for 54 pesos

Grilled Tanigue


Adobong Pusit for 99 pesos


Rellenong Hipon

In case you are wondering some of it doesn't have a price, when we got there, the price of it was not yet available because those dishes will soon be launched in their store. They told us will be available the soonest. Maybe the time you are reading this post, it is already available in their branch at SM Center Angono.

What interests me the most among these dishes was Baboyong. It was my first time to hear it and it tastes a lot like Bagoong.

I actually like Hamonado. One of my favorite to eat when there is an occasion. My mother-in-law used to cook Hamonado in every occasion.

I also like Adobong Pusit. It tastes a lot like my mom's. This is one of my mom's specialty.

Rellenong Hipon was kind of new to me. But I really like it.

By the way, they have a "Sulit Meal" for 89 pesos only. 
2Ulam + Rice and Soup

Overall, I enjoyed tasting all of their dishes especially the one that is new to my ear :)

Visit their branch at 2nd Floor SM Center in Angono Rizal.

There is two more posts for SM Center Angono Food crawl round 2.

I hope to see you on my next post!

Thanks for dropping!

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