Despicable Me 3 Movie Screening

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So last Saturday, June 17, 2017, we went on a special movie screening of Despicable Me 3
at Shangri-la Mall. I won 3 tickets from Nuffnang Ph last week.

They put up a contest for all the bloggers, especially mommy bloggers, to blog about "How do you make Brushing more FUN with the Family?" and I answered here.

Fortunately, I won three tickets. Unfortunately, only three tickets so I can't bring along my daughter Mady :( I hope when she grew up and finds out about this, she won't make displeasure to me. Haiz. But anyways, I just had this thought that it was so long time ago already the last time we went out and do some bonding at the mall or watch a movie on big screen. I'll be honest, my hubby is kinda very "kill joy" that whenever I wanted to watch a movie with my kids, he has so many excuses or in short he doesn't want to. Boo! But when I told him about this, he doesn't have a  second thought :) I'm so glad he agrees to it.

In the special movie screening of Nuffnang Ph and Colgate Ph, they had a contest that called "Minions OOTD" Kids with the best minions-inspired outfit will a gift pack from Colgate!
In a short time, I thought I could make a crocheted minions-inspired hat but I couldn't :( Now, it's just a Kevin minion t-shirt. I am wearing a black shirt with agent Lucy :) Hubby is wearing the same color as mine with GRU.

 So before the movie screening begins, they awarded the most minions-inspired outfit and they were actually super cute ^_^

Aren;t they cute? As you noticed, it's not just the kids who's wearing minions-inspired outfit, even mommy's do.

Pillow Minions are the best!
All are minions :) we really had so much fun watching Despicable Me 3. Waves of laughter are everywhere. Kids or even kids at heart enjoyed the movie.

In this movie screening, Nuffnang Ph and Colgate Ph did not just give us laughter but also a gift pack that is full of love.

Thank you so much, Nuffnang and Colgate. We really appreciate this.

In fact, Colgate Philippines is running a contest right now. It's a Scholarship Promo 2017!
Get a chance to win a scholarship promo worth P100,000. Promo period: April 3, 2017 - Sep 3, 2017
For more details, visit here.

Thank you so much for dropping by!

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