A Surprise Package has arrived

7:34 AM

Hello again to my fellow bloggers and readers! :)

I know it's been a while. I will post my updates on the separate post but for the meantime, let me share with you the package that I received last Tuesday.

So, last Tuesday, I was in the mood of cleaning some part of the house. Yeah! The "part" of the house. I choose to clean up their play area. (Talagang namili lang eh noh?) Well anyways, to tell you honestly, sometimes, I can't manage to clean our house "everyday" because my daughter needs more attention (promise, I will post my updates here soon!) and both of them are now in schooling. Actually, upon this writing, I am feeding my son and waiting for his school service to arrive. That is how busy I am these past few days. Talking about multi-tasking.

But anyway, let's go back to the main topic, shall we? :)

So, while cleaning, a surprise package has arrived at our doorstep. I was so happy to receive it.

oh, I forgot to mention that I received two (2) packages. Yeah, it was two. Can you imagine how big my smile was? T________T

So, I open up the first package to the left.

To my surprise, this package wasn't for me. Oh, I mean, It was for me but it wasn't for me to use it. Hahaha! *big laugh* It was for men.

I love Palmolive. Actually, that is our current shampoo. I guess the first package was for my hubby :)

We are so excited to try the New Palmolive Men Shampoo. It says that it cools and deeply cleanses the scalp plus it smells great too! When used regularly, they can enjoy no visible dandruff flakes and no dryness. Perfect for men.

What's inside the 2nd package?

more and more and more Personal Care

Anyways, thank you so much Palmolive and Colgate for sending me these. It was very timely because it's that time again to go on grocery to buy our personal needs. We usually use only the pink Palmolive Shampoo and I use other brands of conditioner. But then now, I am so excited to try other variants of Palmolive and the Colgate that says "I like alat" :)

My updates on my next post so stay tuned ;)

Thanks for dropping by!

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