Manila Ocean Park Adventure

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I labelled this as our first field trip for this year 2018. Why? I am homeschooling my daughter who is now a kindergarten and we need to comply for our portfolio to submit at the end of school year.

For the longest time, we got a chance to visit the Manila Ocean Park. I don't know but maybe the decision that I made to home school my daughter was a blessing in disguise because we can tour whenever and wherever we want to. Because of the very busy schedule, I really don't know if it was because of it or am I just making a lot of excuses, we can't grab a chance to visit different places.

Manila Ocean Park was the first of my choice. Why? First, as I mentioned earlier, this is our first time to visit the well known Manila Ocean Park. Second, it's all about animals and that is our topic in Science for this 2nd Quarter. It's better to know them personally than just see them on television, right?

First stop is the Oceanarium. The mainstream of Manila Ocean Park.

Remember the movie Finding Nemo? We saw them in real life! Look how tiny they are.

Let's get a little closer. They are oh so cute. 

Oceanarium really is so big. That's why it is the mainstream of Ocean Park. But I am sure that there are a lot of interesting attraction still waiting for us to check it out.

Our second venture is the Fish Spa.

Kuya Sam really wasn't afraid of the fish at all.

As for my daughter, Mady, She was scared to drop her feet deep in the water. haha!
Mady: "No thank you mommy."

Thirdly was this Super Toy Collection

Inside the Supertoy, you can see a ball pit. Kids can play inside. If I remember correctly, 150 pesos to play in the ball pit with a free coffee. 

Fourth is the Barnyard. Here you can see the bunnies, hamsters and chickens.

We did fed the birds. Kuya enjoyed feeding the birds.

As for my daughter, she was scared of Birds, I think? 

Overall, we did a lot of fun, especially my kids. We arrived there around 9am so we got home early. As for Mady, she had tantrums when we are almost done with the attractions to visit. Maybe decision to buy a ticket with 4 attractions was a really good idea afterall.

It's a fun place to visit. Worth of a penny. Great for field trips. A well spent for family day.

Thanks for dropping by!

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