Sam's 7th Birthday

4:22 PM

It's been a month since his we celebrated his 7th Birthday. Hectic Schedule come along that's why I can't post this right away. But anyway, it's better late than never right? So, here it is.

Yeah, it seems like yesterday when we celebrated his first birthday. If you want to peek on it, please click here.

I still can't believe that he turned seven last month.

Before we decided where, we ask him where he wants to celebrate his 7th Birthday. for the past three years, we always celebrate his birthday at school or at home. And because it's seventh, it should (at least) be Grand right? Who doesn't want to experience this kind of celebration for their son/daughter, right? So when we ask him, the first thing that pop in his mind was Mcdonalds.
Kids really love it, right?

Today, we had a very tight budget so to celebrate my son's birthday, I must say that this kind of celebration was a good idea. Very affordable and the kids really love it. May Happy Meal Toy pa, diba? Everyone loved it and they did enjoy!


Happy Meal Toy for Giveaways

My daughter

The Cake that I made

There are a lot of kids, are they? The more the merrier. But most of them, of course, classmates. 

My beautiful babies-no-more

My FIL who leads the prayer

This place surely full

That's all for my son's birthday.

I am so proud of everything that he has been doing, at school and at home.
I can't believe that he is already seven years old.

Thanks for dropping by!

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